Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Doctrine and Covenants 11:21 - Seek not first to declare my word, but seek to learn my word.

Hey family!
It's crazy that it's already been a whole week here in the MTC.  Just like everyone says, the days feel like weeks but the weeks feel like days.  Spanish is going great!  My companion, Elder Thackerey, is from skullville, utah.  He has had NO experience in Spanish, but he is coming along.  I'm praying that I'll be lead by the Spirit on how to help him. Our investigator Pablo is doing very well.  We've met with him 4 times and he doesn't speak a lick of English.  It's crazy how the Lord will put the right words in my mouth if I devote my all to loving and caring for my investigator.  Once when I was talking with Pablo, I had no idea how to say something to him.  I sat there for probably 10 seconds thinking of what to say and then finally a word popped into my mind that I learned 5 years ago in 8th grade Spanish.  If you asked me now what that word was, I couldn't tell you.  It was all the work of the Lord.  I am truly greatful for the gift of tongues.  I know that if I devote my all to learning the language and focusing on the needs of the investigator, than the Lord will provide the rest if He sees that it is needed.  Another experience I had was more funny than spiritual.  I was explaining about the Holy Ghost and how you get a warm feeling in your heart.  I spent several seconds thinking of the right Spanish word for warm, but nothing would pop up so I finally said "un sentimiento caliente" which pretty much means a hot, spicy feeling.  Like hot as in I'm hot and attractive.  Pablo laughed and corrected me.  And now my whole district knows about that.... Well I ran into the parents on Sunday!! It was awesome to see them.  Whenever I don't get a letter, my whole district say I don't need one since I can just see my parents whenever they want.  They're jealous of how awesome my parents are.  Ok I feel that I have quite possibly the best branch presidency in the MTC. Sorry dad.  The president's name is President Wilkins.  He is a spiritually powerful man who loves each and everyone of the missionaries in our zone.  Next there is Brother Willes.  We had devotional review last night and he talked about how Satan will place circles around our true power that distract us from our true purpose.  He said that the way to unlock these circles is only with faith in Christ.  Then there's Brother Monson. He's the nephew of President Monson!! He speaks and acts just like him!!! It's crazy.  It seems like we are speaking right to President Monson whenever we talk to him. He is always prompted by the Spirit to say things.  It's awesome. Sorry this letter won't be too long. I'm trying to figure this LDS mail thing out so I don't want to wait till the last second to send the email and it turns out it never sends.  During gym time, our district plays beach volleyball.  I would have to say that we look like the American Olympic team out there.  Here are some important things:
1. In the MTC I would prefer to receive mail from  Dear Elder or just through normal mail rather than email.  That way I have time to think about what I want to write back before the next P-day.
2. My address: MTC Mailbox #379
                         CHI-VOM 1022
                         2005 N 900 E
                         Provo UT 84604 - 1793

Thanks for including me in your prayers! I love you all!!!!
Elder Weidman

P.S. Danny, those cupcakes were scrumptious.

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