Wednesday, September 5, 2012

3rd Nephi 19:20-22, 27-29 - The Lord has chosen those He allows to serve.

Hey family!
This week has been a great one.  It's crazy how fast it went by. Spanish is going great.  The Gift of Tongues is amazing.  In high school, Spanish was my worst class. It was no bueno.  It took me forever to memorize words and I wouldn't have enough patience for it.  Here at the MTC, it's amazing how much I can learn in one hour of language study.  Just the other day I memorized the First Vision in Spanish in one hour.  The hand of the Lord was definitely there for that. I'm not that smart.  I had a really neat experience this week.  We had a workshop yesterday that was focusing on teaching through the Holy Ghost.   At the beginning of the class, our teacher had us write down one question that if we had the chance, we could ask God and he would answer it no matter the question.  I didn't have the best choice for a question. It had something to do with BYU and football this season.  BUT then the teacher had us prepare a random 3 minute lesson that we felt impressed to prepare.  After preparing it, he had us teach it to the Elder sitting across from us, an elder I had never met.  My lesson was centered around the scripture that is the subject of this email. I began teaching this elder and talking about how the Lord has chosen us specifically to be representatives of Jesus Christ.  Holy cow was the Spirit strong.  This elder told me that he was speaking to Brother Monson the other day about his worst fear right now, which is that he isn't worthy enough to have the name of Christ on his chest.  No worthiness issues, he just didn't feel he was strong enough.  He said that Brother Monson quoted the exact scriptures that my lesson was focused on.  We were both amazed about how the Spirit truly knew the scriptures he needed to hear. An experience to save.
Next was the devotional last night.  I hope mom and dad got to hear it.  It was the best talk I've heard on repentance quite possibly ever.  The key points I got out of it is that repentance is a change of who you are and can only happen through love for God.  Repentance is when you feel pain for the sin you have committed and you feel the sorrow that God has for you.  We have to have the feelings that Alma felt in Alma 36:12-20.  Repentance is an action word.  It's a need AND desire to change spiritually and physically.Once one has repented, they need to have the same confidence as the crowd that listened to King Benjamin in Mosiah 5:2,5.  They need  to have no more desire to do evil. Also Elder Kopichka focused on that the only way to teach with conviction is by truly knowing what you're teaching. I loved that devotional.  Dad is there a way that you could maybe pull a few strings and get me that talk. I don't know if you can. But you are who you are. So.. Maybe.
I'm sorry to hear about Uncle Wayne.  He's in my prayers. 
I'm excited to see the Brigham City Temple when I come back.  Many elders in my district have been to it.  One elder actually lived in Brigham City.  Elder Morley. Recognize the name dad?
THANK YOU for all the treats! Especially that cake Brother Callister.  And the cookies dad. All 20 of them. Or how ever much there are.  And for the package with my water bottle. I've been dying without it!
For those of you who want letters from your favorite youngest brother, I still need addresses....... And letters....
I'm gonna try to include pictures in a separate email. Hopefully they work. 
I pray for all of you every night.
Elder Weidman

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