Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Alma 7:11-12 He Suffered ALL

Hey Family!
   First off... WELCOME TO THE FAMILY WYATT!  I´m glad that I can call myself your uncle.  Follow well in the footsteps of your older siblings but not those of your father... well you can follow the video game footsteps of your father.
   This past week were changes and I was sent to an area in the Coquimbo Zone.  My area is called La Parte Alta and I am higher north than where I was when I started the mission.  La Parte Alta is known all around the world for the gigantic cross that stands at the top of it´s hill.  I have included a picture of the cross and just so you know, we live practically directly underneath it.  The cross has bells that starting ringing at 7 in the morning and continue ringing every thirty minutes until 10 at night.  But that´s a good thing because then we will never accidentily (spelling?) sleep in! The cross is a very impressive construction project and I admit that it looks amazing at night with it´s lights but what I hold in my hand everyday (the Book of Mormon) will always be more important and beneficial for Heavenly Father´s children. 
   Since the changes aren´t announced until the day of transfer, I wasn´t able to say goodbye to too many people but they know of the love I have for them.  I will never forget my time in Con Con and hope that I left it better than I found it.  I worked with obedience and saw miracles as a result.  Now that I am in a new and completely different area (people and geographic wise), I have a new burning passion to work even harder.  My companion is named Elder Yorgason and his has one more change on the mission than I do.  He is from San Diego, California and is always happy and animated for the work.  
   I´ll share a quick funny story.  So the asistants were correct when they told me that I would be District Leader.  President called me and extended the assignment on Wednesday.  Wednesday night I left from Viña on a bus.  There wasn´t enough luggage space on the bus therefore I had to leave my 3 suitcases in Viña.  I got on a 6 hour bus ride with my scriptures and my suit, leaving the rest of my possesions behind in Viña.  I spent my first 3 days here in La Parte Alta wearing the same clothes.  The most embarrassing, yet funny part was that I had to conduct my first District Meeting in those same clothes.  I finally got my clothes yesterday and am fresh and clean right now.  
   I´ll explain more about the area and people next week.  Send me any questions if you have them!

Love you all
Elder Weidman

Monday, May 20, 2013

Matthew 10:19-20 The Spirit MUST talk

Hey Family!

   This week was a coldy and rainy week.  I have been informed that is how the weather is all winter here in Con Con. BRING IT ON! I will find out this week if I am staying here in Con Con for the next 6 weeks or if I will be changing areas.  And I still am not a District Leader.  There is still a possiblility that it won´t happen these next 6 weeks, but there is possibility that it might.  The Asistants and Zone Leaders have told me that I will but it is what the President says.
   Last Monday, I was walking on the side walk, talking to a shorter man therefore I was looking down, when out of no where a board hit me straight under the eye.  For the next 3-4 days, I had a semi black eye and everyone I talked to thought I was either tired or very sad,  But it was a good way start conversation with people in the street so it worked for our benefit.  I included a picture of how it looked, but it was more black than depicts in the picture.
   Cam was baptized this past weekend! Her family were able to attend the baptism and I am sure that they felt the Spirit during the service.  I was able to see Cam´s face of happiness and joy when she came out of the water and that is why I am here. 
   Sorry I don´t have much time to write today, but I want to quickly tell about an experience we had yesterday.  Before yesterday,  Elder Farnsworth and I had been doing great on lessons but had been slacking a lot in new investigators.  Yesterday we set the goal of finding 3 new investigators and then prayed for help from Heavenly Father.  We acted on the faith we had, and throughout the whole day we saw the hand of God guiding us.  By the end of the day, we had found 5 news and many more that will be taught in this coming week.  The Lord saw our faith and dedication and then helped us through the day!  It was another amazing experience on the mission that won´t be forgetten.

Love you and pray for you all.  Especially for the Weidman Family in Texas and the baby soon to arrive. (That includes you Danny)

Elder Weidman

Monday, May 13, 2013

Ether 12:4 - Let faith become your anchor

Hey Family!
  Long time no see!  It was great being able to talk to you all yesterday.  The family that was there said that I have the perfect family, especially my nieces and nephew.  They´re sure right.  Thanks for being awesome!

   My companion, who is from Florida, was a bit sick this past week.  We had to spend a couple of days in the pension, but that didn´t stop us the days that he was good in health!  In one morning, we performed service for this older member who lives literally in a shack.  He used steel sheets to make the walls of his house, but the inside is amazing because it is full of pictures of Christ and things pertaining to the Gospel. He only let´s us do service, or share a scripture with him if we play dominos with him after.  So I am a pro at that game now! Not really, but I´m always happy playing Dominos with this old man because he always has a smile on his face.

   Our investigator, Cam, has had the same problem for a long time but we just found out what it was this past week: fear of asking permission from her mom to be baptized! We showed her an amazing Mormon Message called ¨Tocar el Corazon de Nuestros Jovenes¨(I don´t know the title in English) and after she had the courage to ask her mom (who isn´t a member, the dad is) for permission.  The mom was 100% supportive of the daughter and wants the entire family to be there for Cam´s baptism this Saturday!!  Cam´s smile once her mom said that was one that I will never forget.
  While my companion was sick,  I went on an interchange with another elder serving in Con Con so that our work wouldn´t stop completely.  We prayed to begin, and we guided to contact for 2 hours in this very rich part of Con Con( most call this part the USA of Chile).  Missionaries have never worked there because they all believed that everyone would reject them.  We found the exact opposite when we went.  There were tons of people walking in the streets and they were all very kind and receptive!  We were able to gain 3 new investigators due to that small 2 hour interchange.

   The picture is my first meal of Sushi in Chile!  This meal healed my companion.
  I love you all and pray for you!

Elder Weidman

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

D&C 18: 14-16 - The Joy of bringing souls unto Christ

Hey Family!

   Since I will be talking to you all this Sunday, I will keep this email short. First about the email. Sunday at 6 Chilean Time, I will be sitting in front of a computer, signed into my Gmail Account, and waiting to be invited to a Google video chat. Mary and her awesome self has planned everything out perfectly.  We will have a conference phone call number which we all will call at 6.  Then we will start the Google Hangout and mute all the computers so that we can talk by phone.   At 5 I will send a quick reminder email to everyone.  Any questions?? I´ll talk from the computer of our Bishop, who is an ex-seventy and has very fast internet connection in his house.

   This week was very fun!  We had an awesome ward activity on Tuesday made possible by the Missionary Work organization in the ward.  There was a bounce house, ping pong, trampolines, basketball, and of course, FOOD!  Around 100 people were able to come to the activity, around 20 being nonmembers.  I spent a good amount of the time reestablishing my basketball skills with our investigators and Bishop.  Well my time has been well spent on the Internet today.  Sorry for not having much time to write today, but everything should run smooth on Sunday.  I made sure of it today! The Gospel is true! I´m 100% happy here in Chile with my companion.  We see miracles everyday! 

Love you all!

Elder Weidman