Tuesday, May 7, 2013

D&C 18: 14-16 - The Joy of bringing souls unto Christ

Hey Family!

   Since I will be talking to you all this Sunday, I will keep this email short. First about the email. Sunday at 6 Chilean Time, I will be sitting in front of a computer, signed into my Gmail Account, and waiting to be invited to a Google video chat. Mary and her awesome self has planned everything out perfectly.  We will have a conference phone call number which we all will call at 6.  Then we will start the Google Hangout and mute all the computers so that we can talk by phone.   At 5 I will send a quick reminder email to everyone.  Any questions?? I´ll talk from the computer of our Bishop, who is an ex-seventy and has very fast internet connection in his house.

   This week was very fun!  We had an awesome ward activity on Tuesday made possible by the Missionary Work organization in the ward.  There was a bounce house, ping pong, trampolines, basketball, and of course, FOOD!  Around 100 people were able to come to the activity, around 20 being nonmembers.  I spent a good amount of the time reestablishing my basketball skills with our investigators and Bishop.  Well my time has been well spent on the Internet today.  Sorry for not having much time to write today, but everything should run smooth on Sunday.  I made sure of it today! The Gospel is true! I´m 100% happy here in Chile with my companion.  We see miracles everyday! 

Love you all!

Elder Weidman

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