Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Alma 7:11-12 He Suffered ALL

Hey Family!
   First off... WELCOME TO THE FAMILY WYATT!  I´m glad that I can call myself your uncle.  Follow well in the footsteps of your older siblings but not those of your father... well you can follow the video game footsteps of your father.
   This past week were changes and I was sent to an area in the Coquimbo Zone.  My area is called La Parte Alta and I am higher north than where I was when I started the mission.  La Parte Alta is known all around the world for the gigantic cross that stands at the top of it´s hill.  I have included a picture of the cross and just so you know, we live practically directly underneath it.  The cross has bells that starting ringing at 7 in the morning and continue ringing every thirty minutes until 10 at night.  But that´s a good thing because then we will never accidentily (spelling?) sleep in! The cross is a very impressive construction project and I admit that it looks amazing at night with it´s lights but what I hold in my hand everyday (the Book of Mormon) will always be more important and beneficial for Heavenly Father´s children. 
   Since the changes aren´t announced until the day of transfer, I wasn´t able to say goodbye to too many people but they know of the love I have for them.  I will never forget my time in Con Con and hope that I left it better than I found it.  I worked with obedience and saw miracles as a result.  Now that I am in a new and completely different area (people and geographic wise), I have a new burning passion to work even harder.  My companion is named Elder Yorgason and his has one more change on the mission than I do.  He is from San Diego, California and is always happy and animated for the work.  
   I´ll share a quick funny story.  So the asistants were correct when they told me that I would be District Leader.  President called me and extended the assignment on Wednesday.  Wednesday night I left from Viña on a bus.  There wasn´t enough luggage space on the bus therefore I had to leave my 3 suitcases in Viña.  I got on a 6 hour bus ride with my scriptures and my suit, leaving the rest of my possesions behind in Viña.  I spent my first 3 days here in La Parte Alta wearing the same clothes.  The most embarrassing, yet funny part was that I had to conduct my first District Meeting in those same clothes.  I finally got my clothes yesterday and am fresh and clean right now.  
   I´ll explain more about the area and people next week.  Send me any questions if you have them!

Love you all
Elder Weidman

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