Monday, June 3, 2013

Mosiah 5:7 -- A Change of Heart through Faith

Hey Family!

   I´m really happy here in Chile.  This week was an amazing week, and Elder Yorgason and I love our area.  Even though it´s freezing in the mornings and nights, we still have lots of energy to go out and work.  We pump each other up so that the coldness goes away.  La Parte Alta (my area) is a hilly peninsula (spelling?)  surrounded by the ocean.  The views are amazing no matter the weather.  Since winter has started here, there is fog in the mornings.  Once the fog clears up, we are able to see all of Coquimbo and a bit of La Serena. I´ll grab some pictures this week so that you all can see what I see everyday.
  This past Friday I traveled back down to Viña Del Mar for a District Leader Conference with President Kahnlein.  I was able to see my trainer (Elder King) while I was down there.  He goes home in 4 weeks, which is TOO weird for me because I remember when he had 14 months on the mission.  Oh how the time flies.  The conference was awesome and I received a lot of revelation for my district as well as for myself.  President is truly called by God and receives revelation personally for our mission.  I know that without a doubt.  He loves each and every missionary in the Viña Del Mar Misión.
   This week my companion and I worked really hard to find new investigators.  When I came into La Parte Alta, most of the investigators won´t progressing, therefore we were in strong need of new investigators.  It´s amazing what faith, prayer, and action can do.  We were able to find 9 new investigators, including one family of 3!  My first family on the mission and they have a baptismal date for the 29th of this month! Each day, we had the faith that if we worked 100%, the Lord would place the chosen investigators in our path.  We began each day with a prayer and then saw the miracles of the Lord.  Every single day.  The only thing that stops us from being true disciples of Christ is our faith.  If we have true faith,  everything else will fall into place.  We will have the courage to ask the Lord for help.  We will have the determination to work until the last minute of each day.  We will teach with power, authority, and the spirit.  We will do all that the Lord asks of us through obedience.  Then it is up to the investigators to use their agency wisely.  This is one of the biggest lessons that I have learned so far on my mission.  And I have learned it more than once.  It amazes me how I manage to fall at times, and yet my Heavenly Father still has mercy for me.  He still believes that I can do it.  He is always here for us.  He will never abandon us, even when it seems that everyone has abandoned us.  We must continue reading the scriptures, praying, and becoming like Christ everyday.  If not, we will fall to the temptations of Satan.  God won´t fail on us, we will fail on Him.  KEEP THE COMMANDMENTS.  The overall message of the Book of Mormon.  Obedience.
   Well I hope that you all have enjoyed the thoughts of my mind.  I need to learn to organize them.... But I hope that they help!  Sounds like Wyatt´s baby blessing was amazing!  I loved seeing the pictures!  Let the Coppell peeps know that I pray for them!

Love you all
Elder Weidman

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  1. Hi, I ran across your blog. My son is in the Provo MTC right now and headed to Vina on July 2. Watch for him - Elder Allinson.