Tuesday, June 18, 2013

D&C 42:14 -- Spirit Comes by Prayer and Faith

Hey Family!

   I can´t believe that the week has come for the setting apart of President Weidman.  Right now as I am writing this,  I can feel a strong confirmation that dad and mom have been chosen by Heavenly Father to serve in Los Ángeles.  He knows that they will do miracles there and that they are ready and worthy to perform their duty.  I know without a doubt that they will direct the Lord´s vineyard and His workers with power and love.  I´m blessed to be the son of such wonderful parents and everything that they have taught me in my life has led me to do good on my mission.  

   I want to share 2 experiences that my companion and I had this week.  The week was one of walking and following the direction of the Spirit.  Many of our appointments fell this week, but we were still able to have wonderful spiritual experiences that I know would not have come if we had not been obedient with exactness.  

First experience:  We have an investigator named Osc.  He is around 30 years old and we have never been able to enter his house, only teach him outside. We had an appointment with him Wednesday night but when we arrived at his house, his uncle told us that he had recently left to go buy food.  We decided to wait at the door step until he returned.  A few minutes later, we saw him walking back from the local store.  He saw us and immediately turned around to walk to opposite direction.  We were appalled and had no idea why he would avoid us.  We were then inspired to continue waiting for another 5 minutes.  Normally we would not have done that, but during that moment we both felt a strong need to wait.  A few minutes later, Osc walked around the corner of the opposite end of the street.  We immediately walked towards him and began a conversation.  He told us that his day had gone horribly and that we would have to meet another day.  Knowing that he needed help,  we asked questions and found out that his ex girlfriend had called him and made him feel extremely sad.  He felt that God was punishing him even though he lived a good, clean life. He doesn´t drink nor smoke and knows that every problem in life is for our benefit.  We shared a Alma 7:11-12 with him and testifyed of the atoning power of Christ´s sacrifice.  His face lit up with a smile as we told him that and he suddenly became a lot happier.  He agreed to begin reading the Book of Mormon from the beginning that night.  I am amazed and happy by the change that overcame him.  The Spirit truly does miracles. 

Really quick I will tell the second experience.  Thursday was a tough day for us.  All our appointments fell and none of our back up plans were home.  We were walking down a street at the end of the day, a bit sad due to the lack of teaching for the day.  We passed a house and I looked at it without any thought.  Then I looked at it again, yet didn´t act on the impression of the Spirit.  Having already passed the house by a few feet, I felt that we NEEDED to knock that door.  I told my companion and then we followed the impression of the Spirit.  A 19 year old woman answered the door and accepted us in.  We had a great lesson with her and she promised to read the chapter in the Book of Mormon that we left her. We have an appointment with her tonight.  Some times, our own thoughts block those of God.  We must ignore our own carnal desires and follow the will of God.  As we gradually do that, our own desires and wishes will be in line with the desires of our Heavenly Father.

I pray for and love you all!
Elder Weidman

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