Monday, June 10, 2013

D&C 38:30 - If You Are Prepared, Ye Shall Not Fear

Hey Family!

   This week was a great one with a lot of walking and working.  It´s still very cold here but I´ve always loved the cold so I´m not complaining too much.  In this past week,  I have knocked more doors than I had all my mission!  It was great because someone was home at almost every door!  We spent about 3 hours on Wednesday only knocking doors and setting up appointments for other days.  The 3 hours ended with an amazing experience.  We had an appointment in one direction of the street in 20 minutes and needed to start making our way up that street.  My companion than asked me if we could go the complete opposite direction and knock a few doors down that street.  I happily agreed, knowing that he was being led by the Spirit, and sure enough the first door we knocked was answered by a 30 year old man.  With a smile on his face, he encouraged us to enter into his house and quickly informed us that he had gone to the LDS church many times as a youth but then moved and lost contact with the church.  He told us that he had read around 50 pages of the Book of Mormon but then lost it in the process of moving.  Due to the lack of time that we had, we quickly testified that the Lord had led us to his doorstep and promised that his second chance had arrived.  We set up another appointment with him and then left with a word of prayer.  I was so grateful for the Spirit guiding my companion and for our willingness to follow His direction. Never question a prompting of the Spirit!

  On Friday´s they have an event here called La Feria.  A lot of the citizens of La Parte Alta set up stands of food, clothing, or whatever it may be and then people pass by and buy what they want.  Elder Yorgason and I decided that we would do a little proselyting in the Feria for an hour and we had a LOT of success with it.  We brought a couple of packets of pictures of Christ and then, standing on a corner, yelled that we were giving away pictures of Christ for free.  The words ¨Christ¨and ¨free¨ were triggers to all the people.  They rushed to us and started choosing the ones that they wanted.  We were able to write down around 15 addresses before the hour was over and also gave a Book of Mormon away!  We would have kept going but we eventually ran out of pictures!  It was an amazing experience and I felt like the early missionaries who stood on boxes and preached the Gospel.

   Next week I will include more about the specific investigators, but I hope you´ve enjoyed my awesome experiences from this week.  Also, I play the piano for church... All the lessons paid off!  Thank you for keeping me going in piano, Mom! Those who have Summer Break, enjoy it! Those who have work, enjoy it! Those who have to pack a house up, try to enjoy it!

I love and pray for you!
Elder Weidman

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