Wednesday, September 12, 2012

1 Nephi 10:19 - Diligently seek by the power of the Holy Ghost

Hey family!

I sorry to hear about the news about Uncle Wayne.  It's a sad yet joyful event. According to words of mi hermano " We know where he is now."  I couldn't have said it any better.  He truly is in a better place.  Yesterday my district and I were talking about ancestors.  I came to the conclusion those close to us who have passed away are strengthening us each day.  They still love us and do everything possible to help us.  I had a neat experience this past Sunday.  I got to bless the sacrament AND speak in sacrament.  Both in Spanish!  While I was baring my testimony at the end, in spanish let me remind you, tears came to my eyes when I testified of the truthfulness of eternal families.  That was the first time that I have had an experience like that while speaking Spanish.  I will never forget that.  I would say that our eternal family is one of the strongest parts of my testimony.  I have no doubt that we will see each other once we die.  This brings peace to my heart.
I have been having strong impressions to study about obedience recently.  Obedience is the crucial for missionaries.  Not only missionaries, but as humans on this Earth.  We were sent here to be tested.  The blessings God has for us are unlimited.  How many we receive depends on our obedience to Him.  Obedience is an act of faith.  I know that to be true.  Faith without works is dead.  Faith without obedience is dead.  I wish I could type more about this but I limited on time. 

One of the missionaries in my district is afraid that he will change while on his mission.  He doesn't want to be a different person. He wants to grow.  This statement really effected me.  There is a difference between changing and growing.  We are told to stay who are we on the mission.  Don't become a missionary clone.  But there is a need to grow.  I know that as I focus on the mission and my investigators, I will grow to become the man I want to be. The man the Lord wants me to be.  I probably won't notice this growth until after my mission but I hope it will come.

One last thing I felt impressed to share.  In devotional review last night, President Wilkins explained how in the Garden, Jesus saw all of our lives.  He saw my lives.  He bore my burdens and took some of that yoke on himself.  He did this with a willing heart!  I promise that we are never alone.  Christ knows exactly what we are going through.  He knows how to comfort us.  He is waiting for us to turn to Him.  All we need to do is seek Him in pray.  And a thought came to my head then.  The burden of the mission is so light compared to the burden of one sin.

Thank you for all your letters! They mean a lot to me!

Keep it up BYU.  Beat them Utes.

I love and pray for you all!

Elder Weidman

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