Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Jacob 1:19 - "teach them the word of God with all diligence"

Hey family!

This week has been great, especially since I got to see Danny and Mary! My face was red due to the unexpectedness of the visit and the excitement I had.  I had no idea they would be there! My Spanish is coming along great now! I can practically understand all of what our "investigators" are saying each lesson.  And I have half of Doctrina y convenios seccion cuatro memorized en espanol! My goal for this week is to memorize it all, and I just started memorizing it on Monday.  It a lot easier to memorize it since I know it so well in English. (Thanks Bishop and Brother Callister) Our district is trying really hard to speak our mission language as much as possible.  It's hard to remember to do that and also to think before I speak. I'm not use to that. At all.

I have learned that The Gospel is an eternal well that will never dry.  It is endless and you can always keep learning and growing spiritually from it.  A testimony is also a well that is endless, but it can dry if you don't use and refresh it each day.  You need to nourish it with pray and scripture study each day.  My testimony has become on of my most valued possessions right now. The well needs to be full at all times so that I can draw some "spiritual water" out of it when the Spirit promps me to. 

Last night at the devotional Elder Koelliker spoke.  I think he spoke at a recent general conference but I loved his devotional. He had us split our note taking into two sections: His words and the promptings of the Spirit.  Here are some promptings that I feel inclined to share.  The mission has three jobs.  Planters, Nourishers, and Harvesters.  I could be all three or just one.  It doesn't matter though.  All three focus around bring others closer to Christ.  In order for the field to be white, there must be seeds planted and then nourished. 

The whole mission is an act of service but the end result is more than just a garden, it is eternal life.  It is living with Heavenly Father in His Kingdom.

I need to always have humility.  I am on the Lord's errand. This is my job. He is my boss. I need to be willing to do as He says.  The key word is willing.

During personal study I have come to love the Book of Mormon.  That book will never have a false teaching or leave you sad after you read it.  SO READ IT!

Lo siento for BYU.

Thank you for the package! Those goldfish was quite possibly the most delicious food I have eaten while at the MTC.  And the mint M&M'S.   Tasty!

I love you all and pray for you!

Elder Weidman

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