Monday, February 11, 2013

Joshua 1:9 - ¨Be strong and good courage, be not afraid....for the Lord thy God is with thee¨

Hey family!
   To start off this email, I want to share some exciting news I found out this morning.  Every new change the mission receives fresh missionaries from the MTC.  For the next change in two weeks, 17 sister missionaries and 16 elders are arriving in Viña!! The zone leaders also told us that sister missionaries are being sent to Limarí (where I am serving now) next change.  Due to the rule that elders and hermanas can´t be in the same sector, the zone leaders informed us that we will be opening a new area next change! Well we still don´t know if I will stay here in Ovalle or leave, but we do know that missionaries will be sent to open an area and that sister missionaries will replace them in Limarí.  I will know in two weeks if I stay or not! If I stay, I will start my 4th change here in Ovalle, which isn´t unheard of but also isn´t common.  Whatever happens, I will work where the Lord sends me.
   This week in Limarí has been amazing.  We found a 16 year old young woman named C who is very interested in the Gospel.  We were ¨yelling¨ at doors when we first met her.  She was very eager to read the Book of Mormon, therefore we left her with one.  When we taught her about the Restauración, she had perfect questions that guided the lesson.  We focused everything on prophets because she was really interested in the fact that we have a modern day prophet.  She asked how we know that President Monson is a truly called prophet of God and not just an ordinary man.  We answered her by sharing about the Apostasy and then about Joseph Smith.  To end off the lesson, we testified to her that she can come to know the truth through praying to God. What amazed me is that she said ¨I don´t need to pray about Joseph Smith or President Monson because I know it´s true. While you were talking, something confirmed in my heart that it is true.¨ This caught us off guard a little bit, but we testified that this confirmation came from the Spirit and still encouraged her to pray about our message.  She went to church yesterday and the branch really welcomed her in.  All the Young Women introduced themselves to her and C really enjoyed it.  The Lord knew that she was prepared and that is why we found her that one day knocking on doors.  He is aware of all of our needs.  We should never be afraid but rather trust in our Heavenly Father. Especially if we are doing His will.  
   On Saturday night we have a ¨Noche de Cine¨ at the church.  We watched ¨17 Miracles¨ and, like always, this movie motivated me to work harder.  I strive to show my dedication and love to God just like the pioneers did.  I encourage those who haven´t seen that movie to watch it.  Even those who have seen it, watch it again! 
   Have fun with life! I pray for all of you!
Elder Weidman

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