Monday, February 4, 2013

Moroni 8:3

Hey Family!

   The weather has been a lot better this week!  We actually had one day where clouds remained in the sky all day!! WOOH! I don´t know if this is just a week long thing and then the heat will return, but we shall see. I have included a few pictures from a hike I did this morning. Here are the descriptions of each: 

1. Representing The Cougars.
2. A friend we met on the way to the summit.
3. I tried to make it look like I´m falling. How´d I do?

   It was a great hike with amazing views.  I took a lot of pictures so I can always remember the sight of the ¨campo¨.  Chileans call the agricultural fields that they work in The Campo. The weather was perfect as well.  Sorry today´s email will be a mixture of emails so I can include more pictures.  Here´s the 1st email!

2nd Email.

I just received my birthday package!! I´m going to wait till I get back to the house before I open it, but thank you everyone for helping out with it!!

1.  The mountains that we climbed.  We walked a good 30 minutes from our house to get to the base of the first mountain on the left.  Then we hiked to the top of that one.  After reaching that summit, we walked along the top of the mountains until we found ourselves on the summit of the higher mountain.  It was amazing to see all the creations that God has placed on the Earth. 
2. I had another battle with the watermelon.  I won yet again. 
3. Sorry it´s a weird looking picture, but this is my neck tan line!

I realized that I have a good amount of pictures that I´m sure you would like to see, so today´s ¨letter¨ will focus on the wonderful scenery of Ovalle!  Limarí is doing great though! We are organizing a movie night for the branch as an activity for missionary work.  We will be watching 17 miracles, and we have encouraged everyone to invite their friends.  We pray that this activity will motivate the members to help the Kingdom of God grow even more!

1. Ovalle from a distance. 
2.  A happy servant of the Lord.

Whelp, those are all the pictures I have for today.  I hope you enjoyed taking a little look into my life! I´m really excited to open the package!! 

This past week, President Kähnlein came to our house to interview each of us.  I could tell that he is truly inspired and called by God.  He says hi to all the family, and also he is very excited for you Mom and Dad!  He testified to me of the blessings that his family receives from his own calling as mission president, and I believe that we all will be abundantly blessed as well.  Don´t ever doubt in Heavenly Father´s mercy.  His Son came to this earth so that we could have the opportunity to live with our family for eternity. The Gospel truly brings joy and everlasting happiness to our lives.

I love and pray for you all!

Elder Weidman

**note from Mary (Elder Weidman's sister): sorry, but these pictures are not uploading to blogger. I'll keep trying!

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