Monday, January 28, 2013

Moroni 10:23 - "If ye have faith ye can do all things which are expedient unto me."

Hey family!!

  As I have already told some of you,  the weather here is beginning to change.  The mornings and nights are getting a bit colder, while the days are continually scorching hot.  But that doesn't stop Elder Crist and I! It gives us more desires to set more appointments with people so that we don't have to be walking outside during the harsh hours.  And in order to set appointments, we need to find those who are willing to listen.  That has been our main focus this past week.  Finding the chosen.  Our only progressing investigator from the week before stop meeting with us.  It was hard to hear the truth, but we knew that it was coming.  We will continue to visit her and pray for her but now we need to move the focus to others.  This week, Heavenly Father heard our prayers.  We found 4 new investigators that are awesome! And three of them are in Bicentenario (the little neighborhood across the valley that I've mentioned before).  I want to share two experience about these new children of God that we have met.

   The first is a women who I will call L.  When found L while looking through the "futures" section of the binder.  Her husband is never home therefore we cannot enter, but her desire to know the truth is so strong that she agreed to have the lessons at her door step.  In the seering sunlight!  She has shown me true dedication.  She revealed to us that she has a fear to prayer to God about the true church.  Her brother once told her that Satan can answer prayers, and she still has a fear that he will answer her instead of God. We promised her that if she had "true intention" while she prays, Heavenly Father, and only Him, will answer her prayer.  We read with her the introduction of the Book of Mormon, and the Spirit was truly present.  She read Moroni 10:4-5 and now understands that her Heavenly Father wants her to pray.  He wants to communicate with her and tell her the truth.  He wants her to receive joy and everlasting happiness that comes from the Gospel.  We pray that she will have strength and courage to pray for an answer. 

   The second new we found is woman who I will call M.  We found M while walking in Bicentenario.  One of our appointments had fallen, therefore we were a bit down trodden. A random women happily said hello to us, and walked past.  After a few seconds, my companion and I looked at each other and we knew instantly that she needed the Gospel.  We ran back to her, and found out that she truly is prepared for the Gospel.  She shared with us that her first child died somehow, and she blamed the death on herself.  She is pregnant again and she began crying when she testified that this new baby is a gift from God.  She told us of the change that has occurred in her life since the death of her first child.  She has already begun the repentance process, and now needs guidance.  The gift of the Holy Ghost can offer her that guidance.  Her desire in this life is to be the best mother possible for her future children.  We testified to her that she can accomplish her goal through baptism and the gift of the Holy Ghost.  She accepted to be baptized once she found out that these things were true.  This experience made me realize that the troubling things that happen in my life shouldn't effect my appearance.  Both my companion and I were a bit frustrated due to the people who weren't home.  If M had not said hi to us, we would have never talked to her.  I'm greatful to Heavenly Father because He prompted her to address us.  

   I hope these two experiences help with your lives.  I pray each week, that myexperiences that will better your lives one way or another. I love you all!

Elder Weidman

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