Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Jacob 5:72 - ¨The servants did go and labor with ALL their might and the Lord of the vineyard labored also with them.¨

Hey Family!
   Sorry for not telling you last week that I would be online on Tuesday this week.  Yesterday started a new change (transfer) and nothing has changed! I´m still in Limarí with Elder Crist.  We are really excited to continue working here in Sión (as the members call it). It´s still hot here but that doesn´t ever stop us from working.  We beat the heat each day just like the Mavericks beat the Heat a few years back. I thought you would all enjoy the photos I have included.  Watermelon is a big hit here in Chile during this time of the year.  It´s so juicy, sweet, and gigantic.  The family we ate with yesterday gave us a fourth of a huge watermelon for ¨dessert¨.  Dessert here is usually fruit with creme.  Delicious and healthy at the same time!  I dominated my 1/4 of the watermelon without a problem.  As you can see.
   I feel inclined to share an awesome experience I had yesterday.  For the past few weeks, we have been lacking in new investigators.  There´s fault on our part for not talking to more people in the streets but also it´s tough when we have no copies of the Book of Mormon.  But the Lord gives us challenges so that we learn and grow.  Anyway, I had been praying continually throughout the day yesterday that we would find those who are prepared to receive the Gospel.  At times I would become discouraged when those on the street would reject our invitations to here a message, but then I remember a paragraph in Preach My Gospel that says something along the lines of this - don´t become discouraged when people don´t accept your message.  Don´t let their rejection effect your work.  Have sadness in your heart that motivates you to continue working.- This message would help me keep working throughout the day.  So yesterday we were really putting our efforts into finding new investigators.  We passed by a family who, about 2 months ago, had accepted a Book of Mormon, but had never been home since then.  Yesterday they were home and they told us something that brought comfort to me.  They said that they had read a little of the book and also they had talked to a friend of theirs who is a member of the church.  They caught interest in the church and for the past day they had been praying to God so that He would send us back to their home.  And there we were. Standing on their doorstep with a message that they needed.  They had visitors, therefore we weren´t able to enter their house but we set an appointment for next Monday and invited them to continue reading. To know that I was led by the Lord to this family´s home has brought unexplainable happiness to me. 
   One more experience I want to share.  One day this past week, we had an appointment with a man who tried to prove that our religion was wrong.  We had no idea beforehand that this was his overall purpose for inviting us into his home.  We bore our testimony to him and left with a word of prayer.  While we were walking away from his home, we were both a bit frustrated.  What made things a little worse was that some teenagers were yelling profane words at us when we were walking away.  I prayed for comfort from the Lord, and He gave it to me in the form of a man.  A man in a wheel chair stopped us in the middle of the road.  He asked us how we were and made conversation.  He then asked us for money, which we couldn´t give to him.  Instead of getting mad at us, he then offered to say a prayer.  In his prayer, he prayed for everyone in the world.  He prayed a little for himself but the majority of his prayer was centered around his loved ones, the missionaries, and everyone living in the world that has problems.  A feeling of comfort and love overwhelmed me when I heard this man´s prayer.  He has a disablilty that has limited his life, but instead of focusing on the bad of his own life, he focuses on the bad of others.  He is a true example of Jesus Christ.  This experience reminded me of how Christ mainly ministered among the poor.  How he described the poor in life but strong in heart as being disciples of Him.  This son of God who offered a prayer to us is a disciple of Christ.
   To answer your question about Spanish, Dad. My Spanish has improved tremendously.  Everyday it seems to improve.  Not because I am working, but because the Lord is helping.  I try to speak as much as possible and to use the time during language study very effectively. I´m sure Danny, Marshall, and Ren knows the power of the Gift of Tongues.  And Mary with Sign Language.  And Taylor and Nina with all the languages they have picked up in their travels.  And Dad and Mom with the MTC.
    I love and prayer for all of you!
Elder Weidman

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