Monday, January 21, 2013

Moses 6:32 - ¨Open thy mouth and it shall be filled¨

Hey family!
   I saw rain for the first time in Chile this morning! My companion says that in his previous area, he saw rain all the time.  It never rains here because we are in the bottom of a valley.  The clouds always pass around us, but not this morning.  The fresh smell of rain was awesome to wake up to.  It gave me more determination to work out, which sometimes is very difficult to do every morning.  But all that matters is that I do it in order to be obedient. It is still fairly hot during the day here, but at night times the climate is fresh.  The best time to walk around is at this time due to the amazing air and also the fact that a lot of people are walking on the streets at this time.  
   Here´s a neat experience that happened this week.  Last week we set up an appointment with a woman who we thought was not a member.  She believes in Reincarnation but come to find out, she is a member of the church!  When we entered her house this past week, we had no idea that she was a member.  We got to know her a bit, told her our purpose as missionaries and what she should expect from us, and then introduced the Book of Mormon to her.  We ended the lesson by extending the baptismal invitation to her.  She answered the question by telling us that she was already baptized into the church..... She told us that the looks on our faces were priceless when she told us that.  After uncovering this surprising news, she excited told us that she wants her kids to take lessons with us.  She knows how much the Gospel will change their lives.  None of them were there at the moment but we set another appointment with her and left. On our way to the next meeting, I saw a man sitting on a wall.  He looked alone and sad, therefore the Spirit prompted me to talk to him.  To my surprise, this 20 year old told me that he was a member of the church as well!! He has been having a lot of trouble in his life, and at the moment doesn´t want anything to do with the church, but he agreed to meet with us.  He said for ¨talk no more¨.  We´ll try to include a Gospel Principle in the conversation somewhere. After talking with this man, I told Elder Crist that we had just found 2 lost sheep.  2 of God´s children who had already found the correct path, but now need to return to it.  I felt overwhelming happy after these two experiences. 
   This past week, we have been working really hard on finding new people who are ready for the Gospel.  President Kähnlein has told us many times that there are the ¨chosen¨ on the street who are simply waiting for a heavenly messenger to awaken them.  I need to have faith throughout the day that the people I talk to could be the chosen ones.  I need to act as this heavenly messenger at all times, in all things, and in all places.  I have realized that everyone notices missionaries.  How can they not.  This is a prime reason that we are dressed so nicely.  In order for people to notice us as good.  Some man this past week told us that he loves seeing us walking in the street because it always reminds him of God.  He said that the more one thinks of God throughtout the day, the better their day will be.  I am glad that I am worthy enough to be a representative of Jesus Christ.  I must always strive be the example Christ has set.  Heavenly Father knows my true potential.  Only with him can I achieve it. Many times through the day, thoughts of frustration (that result from rejection) or thoughts of fear (that result from talking to strangers) run through my mind.  These are thoughts from Satan.  I must replace these with thought of hope and love.  I don´t know who is in need of my message, but my Heavenly Father does.  If I seek and truly work for it, I can become a true instrument in His hands. What a marvelous work this is.
   I love you all and pray for you!!
Elder Weidman

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