Monday, January 7, 2013

D&C 15: 6 - The work of most importance is to ¨declare repentance¨

Hey family!
   It was awesome being able to talk to you all this past week!  I loved being able to see all the family and that no one has really changed.  I don´t want anyone to change when I´m gone.  You all better promise me that you won´t change. Well Taylor could lose a few pounds but other than that, NO ONE CHANGE! Right now I am wearing a new tie from the parents, a new shirt, and new socks! It´s such a good feeling.  I feel clean and refreshed! I hope that you enjoyed my little ¨presents¨. I enjoyed every single present and every single 12 days of Chrismas card. I looked forward to reading them every morning. 
   I know you all are dying to hear about my adventurous Christmas Night here in Chile.  Well actually it would be Christmas Eve Night in the United States, but here in Chile the night of the 24th is when they celebrate Christmas.  Elder Crist and I spent the night with the G family. I love this family.  The dad is a member in the branch presidency and he is always dancing and full of life.  He reminds me of Captain Jack Sparrow when he talks. It´s hilarious! He´s always swaying his arms and is really animated when he talks to us.  Anyways, to begin the night off we sang carols to some members in their homes. I was honored to be able to sing to these families and bring the Spirit of Chrismas into their homes.  Every house that we went to offered us dulces and (of course) we couldn´t deny them! I´ve started to stop caring about how much food I eat.  I have a good number of months to lose all the fat I gain.  (JOKE) After we sang, we returned to the G family´s home.  We had our only dinner of the whole year and man was it delicious! By the end of the meal I couldn´t move.  I had eaten to my point of maximum. We shared a message about the mother of Jesus (thank you Ren for sharing your experience about this scripture!) and then departed on our way home.  That was our eventful Christmas night.  It was full of love and food.  The two best things in the world!
   The actual day of Christmas was just a normal day for us. Schedule wise.  We found a lot of success that day because most people were enjoying there Christmas´ inside their homes.  We didn´t want to disturb them too much, therefore we shared the same message about Mary with all of them.  We were able to set many appointments for the coming week that day.  We prayed that the Lord would guide us to families that needed a message about Jesus Christ, and I know without a doubt that He was there guiding us the whole day.  We gave everything to him that day.  Just like every other day.  That is the best gift I could give this Christmas.  My whole attention to serving the Lord. 
   Yesterday we were teaching a man and his family about the Book of Mormon.  Everyone in the family except for one son has been baptized.  The son is taking discussions with us.  The father told Elder Crist and I that we are ¨personajes¨ of the Lord.  Joseph Smith also used this word to describe Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ when they appeared unto him in the Sacred Grove.  This loving statement that this man said made me realize that we truly are messengers of the Lord.  There are people here in Chile that are looking for an answer just like Joseph Smith was.  We are the two ¨personajes¨ that need to appear to them.  Are purpose is to invite these people to the true ¨personajes¨. We are there guide to feeling of the Spirit.  We cannot convert them.  Only the Spirit.  I feel that this truth is crucial to know while serving as a missionary.  We are not to tell people that they are wrong.  We are not even to tell people that we are right.  We are to tell people that they can find the truth through prayer.  We are to testify of the power of the Holy Ghost.  Testify of our loving Heavenly Father.  If we are trying to convince our investigators that the church is true, then we will acheive nothing.  These children of God that we are teaching will not gain their own testimony.  Only through the Holy Ghost can these people truly be converted. As a missionary, I am nothing without the Holy Ghost.  I can only fulfill my purpose with Him.
   In other news, I fulfilled 19 years this past week.  Now I have 19 years! The pictures I included were taken during my birthday breakfast. SO DELICIOUS! I feel like a legit missionary now that I am 19 years old.  Even though 18 year olds are now legit missionaries. 
  Thank you for all your prayers!  I pray for and love you all!
   Elder Weidman

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