Monday, July 22, 2013

Alma 32:27 -- Experiment with Faith

Hey Family!

   I´ll be writing a quick email today since we are going to have a Zone Activity today and I don´t have much time. Also I misjudged how much time I would need to write this email and now I am suffering the consequences.  But I´m happy and this past week was amazing!!  I´ll do a quick update on the investigators. 

1.  Nacho is struggling with his decision for baptism because he is afraid of the opinions that his friends that aren´t members will make of him if he is baptized.  We have the faith that he will overcome this challenge and in the end realize that it matters most what God wants and thinks of us.  He is still reading, praying, and going to church.  He has felt the Spirit strongly, especially during sacrament meeting and he won´t be able to deny the answers that are coming. He is AMAZING!

2.  We have a new investigator named Ed.  He is the husband of a member who recently came back to church.  Let´s just say that the Lord has done miracles with him.  I would need 3 hours in order to describe everything that has happened but just know that he is making the necessary changes for baptism because he loves his Heavenly Father.  I´ll explain more next week.  He is AMAZING!  The picture is with him.

3.  Pat is an investigator that I have had my whole time here.  At first he was a big focus for Elder Yorgason and I but we began loosing up a bit near the end of last change. He has been an investigator for the past 4 years.  Recently he has had many life changing experiences and we have arrived at his house when he needed the Gospel most therefore last night he said for the first time EVER ¨I have been thinking alot, and I want to be baptized.¨ I will explain more next week, but he is AMAZING as well.

4. Luis is the last ¨main¨ investigator that we have right now.  He has suffered many trials in the past few months and wants to obtain more faith so that he can be happier.  Last change we had one lesson with him but then could never find him again.  In the pàst 3 days, we have been able to have 2 lessons with him and last night he accepted a baptismal date for the 11th of August.  He is willing to make the necessary changes in order to do Heavenly Father´s will.  He is AMAZING!

(everyone in Chile is AMAZING)

I´m sorry for the lack of information but I promise next week will be better.  I wasn´t able to take a photo of the empanadas because the temptation to eat them overpowered the desire to take a photo.  And also I forgot.  But I know how to make them now so no worries!

I love and pray for you all!
Elder Weidman

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