Monday, July 1, 2013

Mosiah 18:26 -- Teaching with Knowledge of God

Hey Family!!
   It seems like just yesterday that I was writing my last email.  This week flew by SO fast!  I bet it was the same for the parents as well.  I´m very happy that everything has gone well so far for them!  Those missionaries in their mission should have already realized that they have the best Mission President and Wife possible.  What luck we have had to have them for our whole lives!  I know that they will continue forward with success and that their missionaries will love them.

   I´ll include one story about one of our investigators.  His name is Dav and he and his 2 daughters have been investigators for a few months now.  For the past month, we really didn´t focus too much on them because they never showed signs of progression.  The daughters came to church when invited but the father never completed his commitments.  Everything changed this week though!  We stopped by their house one night and we could tell that something was different.  Everyone was happier to see us, and the lesson started off with a question from Car, one of the daughters who is 10 years old.  She asked us if she needed to talk to us to be baptized or if she could just do it her self.  What a great question!  We explained to all of them the steps to preparing for baptism (praying, reading, going to church) and then set the 21st of July for their baptismal date.  A little into the lesson, Car ran to her mom and excitedly yelled that she was going to be baptized.  We were a bit nervous about what she would say because we had never met her, but she came into the room with a big smile and said that she would support her two daughters and husband.  She even agreed to read the Book of Mormon with them!!  Car ended the lesson with a prayer and then we left as they began reading what we left them in the Book of Mormon.  Two nights later, we had a church two with the dad and the two daughters (the mom was working till later in the night).  We showed them around all the rooms and Dav really like the structure of the building and the Spirit felt inside the building.  When we opened the baptismal font, both the two daughters had gigantic smiles and we could tell that the dad was deep in thought.  He later told us that he wants to surround himself with the Gospel.  He kept saying that he really needs to prepare for his baptism because it is something that he has a strong desire for.  I know that the Lord was preparing this family this whole month and that we came at the exact right moment.  I´m very excited to continue working with them!

  Really quickly, I´ll explain about the activity that we sponsored Saturday night.  We had a noche de cine and around 25 members came to watch 17 miracles.  While they were watching, Elder Yorgason and I made pancakes.  They left the activity both physically and spiritually filled.  I´ll include a photo of the pancakes.

   Sorry this letter is a bit shorter than usual.  Hope you all are enjoying summer! It´s freezing here in the morning, and it´s the worst when our house runs out of gas to heat up the water (like it did this morning).....

Love you all!
Elder Weidman

1. Pancakes

Here's another photo. Just for kicks. Laugh if you want.

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