Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Matthew 5:19 - "Do and Teach" the Commandments

Hey Family!

    Well the holidays are starting to fly by.  Everyone here is anticipating the night of the 24th because like I explained last year (if anyone remembers), Chileans celebrate with the family, eat the big dinner, and open the presents on Christmas Eve instead of Chrismas morning.  Santa Claus (el Viejito Pascuero) sneakily enters all the houses at 12 o clock midnight while the children play outside with their parents, and to then all the kids run into the house, knowing without a doubt that Santa has made a quick stop to the house yet again.  This year, President Kahnlein has informed us that we will need to be in our houses at 10 o clock Christmas Eve, which is 2 hours earlier than last year but I trust in his judgement and the revelation he has received.  For the New Year, we have to be in the house at 11, but are allowed to watch the fireworks from the windows. On the 18th we will have transfers therefore we have no idea if we will be here or not.  Elder Sosa has been here for 4 changes and I have been here for 3 which means that anything can happen!  He could go, I could go, or we could stay together for another change. Whatever the Lord needs.

   Were you all able to see the Chrismas Devotional yesterday?  President Kahnlein thought it best not to watch the Devotional because it started pretty late in the night but I want to know how it was!  If I have time in the next few Pdays, I´ll try watching a few segments.  Any talks in particular that would be best to watch?  

   The Lord has been blessing our zone a lot this month.  We set the baptismal goal of 15 baptisms for the month of December (the highest goal I have set yet) and we have literally seen miracles as we have strived to accomplish this high, yet possible goal. Elder Sosa and I have around 5 investigators who could be baptized this month which means that this week is crucial.  One of the investigators is Felix´s wife, who only wants to have her legs be healed so that she can be baptized.  We have the faith that her wish will be granted this Christmas Season so that Felix can baptize her.  The other 4 investigors are all referrals from members which is the best way to bring about Mission Work. We have a firm trust that the members will be sure to stop by and help the investigators have true conversions! In the next week I will be able to have a more updated summary of each investigator. 

   16 Days till Christmas!  The Spirit of Christmas or as President Monson said ¨The Spirit of Christ¨.

Elder Weidman 

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