Monday, December 30, 2013

3 Nephi 7:25 -- Baptism to show Repetance

Hey family!

   It was great being able to see all you shiny happy people a few days ago.  The Cortez Oporto family loved hearing your voices even though they didn´t understand a single word.  They say that we all look alike.  Good looking. A short email today, due to all the forms that we had to send today it being the end of the year and all.  My birthday was great yesterday!  All the members found out so they made sure that we didn´t return home hungry at night.  Also a miracle happened.  We saw Pablo while walking in the street and started asking him about his baptism.  He admitted that he thought he was going to be baptized yesterday morning but when nothing happened, he was to afraid to say something.  We excitedly apologized and invited him to be baptized next Sunday.  He quickly accepted and walked into his house smiling.  A good man who has true desires.  Next week I´ll write a summary about his conversion.  I hope that everything is going well in the family.  Don´t party too hard in the New Year (especially you Mom and Dad).  I love you all!

Elder Weidman

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