Monday, January 6, 2014

Isaiah 40:31 -- The Lord Will Renew Their Faith

Hey Family!

   I hope that everyone had a great New Years. I was able to spend mine with Elder Cordoba, a missionary that I met in my first area a year ago who made a huge impact on me.  We had my first division together, a day full of miracles, and now we had the privilege to spend New Year´s Eve together.  He has an amazing talent of talking really fast, like a radio announcer, so it was hilarious when the clock striked 12 o clock and he began his new year´s speach. I can´t believe that I can understand what he says without problem. The gift of tongues is always in action here.

   Yesterday both Cristian and Pablo came to church because they both have the desire to continue coming to Christ´s Church after their baptism.  Cristian had his Baptismal Interview yesterday and passed with flying colors.  Pablo will have his interview tomorrow and we are practically positive that he will pass without a problem. The conversions of both these amazing men are completely different, yet the way that they accomplished it is the same: through the fulfillment of commitments. Let me tell you a little bit about them both.  

Cristian is the a member´s boyfriend.  Around 3 months ago we knocked the door of member and her family by the Spirit and found out that they were members who had strong desires to return to the church.  The mom, daughter, and son are members but the father isn´t. Now the members of family are 100% active and the daughter even introduced us to Cristian because he had a few questions about the church.  We started sharing with the father, but then realized that Cristian had more desires to find out the truth.  He isn´t doing this for his girlfriend, rather for the relationship that he has with God.  He confessed to us that his past life is full of lies and sins, but he has tremendous faith for a new life.  He had a problem with practically all the commandments when we met him, but due to his quick dedication to gaining a testimony of the truth, he immediately left the worldy desires behind to come unto Christ.  His main theme that I have seen through his actions is ¨Only through sacrifices come the blessings¨.  Everytime that we taught a new commandment, Cristian would align his life with the Gospel principle and leave the worldy sin behind. Without second thought. Never looking back nor falling into old tempation.  He reads the Book of Mormon everyday and is keeping his girlfriend´s family active in the Church. He will make a covenant with Jesus Christ on Saturday.

Pablo is a loving father and husband who has always had a general nature to choose the right and exercise the Light of Christ for the better.  He has always gone to different churches, yet had never gone to our Church before meeting us.  Baptism has always had huge importance to him in order to be saved but he never did it in another church because he felt that the authority was never present.  After having gone to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints continually for two months, Pable now knows where the authority is found, and he knows due to the prayers he has made to God. He has had to leave behind family traditions, confront his fear of telling his wife he will be Mormon, and overcome the fear of praying out loud in order to make this decision.  I had the opportunity to hear his first prayer outloud and it was one of the most humble, yet most powerful prayers I have every heard.  He will make a covenant with Jesus Christ on Saturday.

I love you all!
Elder Weidman

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