Monday, January 13, 2014

DyC 88:81 -- To Testify and To Warn

Hey family!
   How is everyone?  I´m sure you all are just dying to know how my week went by so I´ll tell you that it was great due to the baptisms of Cristian and Pablo! I´ll try to include a photo if my computer lets me.  The baptisms were great due to the amazing dedication that both of these men have, especially since Satan tried all he could this weekend to stop the baptisms.  Pablo´s wife still doesn´t want anything with the church due to the family history she has in the Catholic Church.  We pasted by Pablo the night before his baptism, and  walked up to the door but stopped immediately when we heard the angry, screaming voice of his wife.  We thought for a few seconds, deciding if we should knock the door or not, and then asked Heavenly Father what He would have us do.  Feeling the the strong impression to knock the door, we confidently followed the prompting.  Pablo came out and told us that it would be better if we took a walk rather than enter the house.  We walked around his neighborhood for 10 minutes and he told us about how his wife still is against his decision to be baptized, be he assured us that he knew it was the decision that God wanted him to make.  He has 100% faith that his wife will follow in his footsteps in the near future, and that is why he must put God first in this situation.  He quoted the scripture in the Bible that teaches about leaving your own family in order to serve God and, even though he won´t leave his family, he understands that this scripture applies to him in the moment.  Saturday arrived and him, his wife, and Pablo Junior arrived 30 minutes early and we were able to give a building tour to the wife.  She had no desire to talk to us nor with the members, but she came in order to support her husband. Pablo asked me to baptize him so I had the chance to see his wife´s face when he came out of the water and she was very happy in the moment.  She knows that this is what he wants to do and that it will bring true joy to him.  

   Now the story about Cristian.The baptism of Cristian went by perfectly and smoothly.  He also asked me to baptize him and afterwards he told me that he threw down all the sins in the water and didn´t let them rise with him out of the water.  He also admitted to me that he wanted to dedicate himself to the church. Everything was perfectly fine until we arrived to church on Sunday 30 minutes early.  The brother of Cristian´s girlfriend told us that Cristian and his girlfriend´s family had fought that same morning and that they had thrown him out of the house and told him not to go to church...  At first I thought he was joking, but then he swore to me that it was true and I began worrying.  We called a member to go pass by Cristian´s house to see if he was there but no one responded when he went by.  We continued calling people to find out where he was, but no knew so we offered a prayer and then started the sacrament meeting.  2 minutes into the meeting, Cristian came walking into the chapel with a collared shirt and tie (first time ever!) and he sat right next to me.  He had a smile on his face and let me know that everything was fine. I gave a look at the Bishop letting him know that the confirmation was still a go, and everything went great after that.  Cristian and his (now ex) girlfriend´s family are still not talking, but this didn´t effect his desire to continue in this path.  He took so much time getting to church because he walked due to the fact that the other family wasn´t going to give him a ride.  The Lord answered our prayers!

Thanks for everything!
Love you
Elder Weidman

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