Monday, January 20, 2014

DyC 58:2-4 "After much tribulation comes the blessings"

Hey Family!

   This week was full of up and down.  The down was that I found out that my memory card for the camera has a virus which means that I have to some how get all my photos of Quillota onto another memory card without passing the bugger along with them or I will lose most of them.. But the up was the entire week!  Nah I´m not frustrated or nothing with the memory card.  There things that happen and you just need to keep pushing forward and laugh.  But the week was amazing due to the recent converts Pablo and Cristian.  They both continue to battle head to head with the darkness but now they have the gift of the Holy Ghost and are leaving the temptations behind them.  Cristian had a huge drug addiction before meeting with us (his life was a disaster due to the drugs), but now whenever Satan sends the desires to him, he throws them out of his mind by reading the Book of Mormon.  And when I say read, I mean deciphor (spelling?) and apply like Joseph Smith did.  His strong desire to read the Book of Mormon has fortified my own testimony of the scriptures written in the Americas.  Pablo is still fighting the war inside the walls of his own home, but he still loves his wife 100% and has the faith that she will accept this beautiful message. His reading in the Book of Mormon has dramatically increased also.

   One of the best parts of the week was yesterday when both Pablo and Cristian brought someone to the church.  Pablo brought one of his friends who is less active in the church and led him to all the classes.  He kept telling us that we can´t let his friend, Luis, slip out of the hands of the church again.  He is determined to bring this brother of faith back into the church.  Cristian brought his mom to church who attended all 3 hours, and we practically didn´t have a moment to talk to her because all the sisters of the Relief Society rushed her into the classes before we had the chance to meet her!  After church, we passed by the house of Cristian and there met his parents, who are amazing like him! We taught them the Restoration of the Church of Jesus Christ and the Spirit was overwhelming once we finished telling the true story of Joseph Smith.  They admitted that they believed every word that we said and then accepted the invitation to be baptized the 9th of February!  They both have seen the miracle change that Cristian had due to the application of the Restored Gospel and want the same thing in their lives. 

  We ended the night yesterday by teaching la Familia Balboa, Cristian´s ex girlfriend´s family.  Remember how I mentioned about the father awhile back, and how he didn´t want much with the Church?? Well this week he excitedly told us that he wants to be baptized and yesterday he accepted the invitation for the 9th of February! Through prayer and love, we have been working extremely hard to bring the Gospel into Antonio´s life.  Now he has accepted the invitation and will take the proper role as father in his family so that they go to the temple in one year!  

  Oh I forgot to mention about Pedro!!  A tender mercy from the Lord.  Pedro is a man of about 70 years who was walking in front of the chapel last Sunday and felt the impression to enter.  He walked up the stairs and entered the Sacrament Room just in time to take the Sacrament.  He stayed for all 3 hours and loved every single second!  We have met with him many times in the week and he is truly changing his entire nature and behaviour to be baptized the 26th of JanuarySunday! He has amazing questions that make us study even in the night time before going to bed to teach him the true doctrine of Christ. I´ll explain more about him next week.  

   This week, I received a confirmation of the power and miracles that come from Priesthood Blessings.  The Priesthood is God´s power and authority that He entrusts with us so that His children can be blessed beyond measure through their faith.  I had an experience this week that I feel is too sacred to share in the moment but I testify that with the Priesthood, we can perform the same miracles that Jesus Christ performed.  We must never be afraid nor embarrassed to give or receive a Priesthood Blessing. 

Have a good week!
Elder Weidman

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