Monday, January 27, 2014

Mosiah 2:21-22 -- Obey the Commandments

Hey family!

   This week is going to be a quick email due to all the forms we have to send at the end of the month.  As you can see in the photo, Pedro was baptized yesterday and a youth from the ward named Francisco baptized him.  Pedro is more than excited to work in the Church and help find more people that are in need of this Gospel.  After his baptism, he bore his testimony to the members that we present and confessed that a big reason why he liked the Church so much was for the hugs and greetings that were given to him as he entered the first time.  The Spirit overwhelmed him due to those caring acts from the members.   

   Cristian´s parents are progressing very quickly.  Yesterday they were in the church building for practically 4 hours due to the baptism and then another 30 minutes with us in their home in the night time, yet they are still begging us to come back!  I love the dedication that they have to learn more and start correctly on this path.  The mom, Gloria, has difficulty understanding about terms such as Priesthood and Apostasy but she feels the Spirit every single time we come.  Jorge, the husband, works everyday during the week until 10 at night, therefore we only meet with him on the weekend but Cristian teaches him every night what we taught to Gloria and then on the weekend we answer the questions he has.  They are very excited for the 9th of February, when Cristian will baptize them!

  I hope that everything is going great in everyone´s lives!  

Elder Weidman

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