Tuesday, April 8, 2014

3 Nephi 13:25 - Take no thought of temporal things

Hey Family!  

 It´s been a great week, full of revelation from the heavens. I´ll explain more in the coming emails but right now I´m going to send some photos. Here´s the first

1. Doing what Mary does best.  Talking on the phone :)

2. He started growling when I took the picture.  Seems like that´s all for him.

3. The awesome sky after a night of rain.

One quick experience.
   We have an investigator who we contacted around 2 weeks ago.  We have been trying and trying to meet with her but it seems that her whole life is fighting against us.  She told us that she could meet with us on Sunday (yesterday) and we set a plan to meet at 5.  I had totally forgotten that that was when the last session of conference started so when she arrived, we hurriedly rushed her into the sacrament room with 0 explanation of what she was going to watch!  We left her with a member, and then ran to the English room to watch it in a native tongue. 
   After the session, we met with her in a small room in the Church acompanied by a member.  She exclaimed to us that almost every message had impacted her and that this is what she was looking for.  We explained to her a little about the Restoration of Christ´s Church and tears filled her eyes as she listened.  She had been an active member in another Church before but due to bad experiences she stopped believing in God.  Over the past month, she has had 3 encounters with the missionaries on the street therefore she wanted to know why this was happening.  We explained to her about the Holy Ghost and God was reaching out to her again.  She accepted a baptismal date for the 20th of April!  She admitted that she had not prayed for MANY years therefore we invited her to pray in order to start her repentance process.  At first she looked very afraid, but then she took a breath and beautiful words began flowing out of her mouth.  She ended the prayer in more tears with a new light in her eyes.  What a blessing we have to be able to listen to a prophet of God.  This is His Church.

Love you all!
Elder Weidman

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