Monday, March 31, 2014

Matthew 11:28-30

Hey Family!

   Well today is the fast and short email due to all the forms we have to send after the last Sunday of every month.  This will be a quick update on our week.  

   Last Sunday night we found a family, well a couple who aren´t married and the sister of the boyfriend, who received us really well!  They have read every chapter that we have left them, and they understand the Gospel.  They always have questions for us which is great because when we explain the Restored Truths to them for their answers, they happily accept it because they can feel the Spirit testify the truth to them.  They are studying in the college close to here and yesterday we found out that they have plans to get married!!! (I have goal to have one of my investigators get married in order to get baptized) The Lord heard our prayers and saw our efforts.  Like I have said many times, this is His work.  He is at the head of it all and He asks that we consecrate everything.  I love it!

Love you all!
Elder Weidman

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