Monday, March 24, 2014

Ether 12:6 -- Trial of Faith

Hey Family!

   Many things changed with our investigators this week and we focused mainly on finding new investigators through our own efforts and the referrals from the members.  Andrea and Willington (the friends of Susana) have kinda fallen off the charts due to the worldly forces that work on them.  We tried all we could to stay in contactg with them, but they weren´t putting in their own efforts and in the end we had to stop passing by them because they showed no signs of progression nor interest.  We know that they both felt the Spirit at one point in our visits, therefore we have planted a seed that will be harvested in the future.  That is the point of the Area Book (a book that has information about each investigator and their progression)  that we always keep updated so that future missionaries can return to the investigators in a few months or years when their lives are completely different. In my first sector of the mission, we found one of my converts by using the Area Book.  If the missionaries before me had not kept the Area Book updated, we would have never found Camila (the young women that was baptized in my last two weeks of my first area).   
   Yesterday we found 5 new investigators and we saw the fruit that came from ¨the trial of our faith¨. We returned to the house dead tired every night this past week due to the effort we put in, but we never lost enthusiam nor did we let the lack of success effect us.  We tried talking with 20 people in the street everyday and we truly saw miracles each day.  Now the Lord has blessed us with many future investigators that we will get to know better this week.  I loved returning to the house everyday and being able to say that I gave my best effort that day in preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  I have felt many times in the past year that the Lord is truly happy with my work yet always expects more.  I´m very grateful to be a servant of my Heavenly Father. 

Elder Weidman

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