Monday, March 3, 2014

I forgot the scripture..

Hey family!
   Susana was baptized yesterday!  Her conversion story was amazing.  First of all, I don´t know if you remember about my first weekend here in Valparaiso.  On Saturday, we left from lunch and began heading down to the Chapel to drop some things off.  A woman comes out of her house and yells at us ¨Hey you!!¨ in English.  Usually people always yell that, but this time was different because she asked for a Book of Mormon.  She let us in told us that she had been taking classes with another church, but now she was going to change churches due to one thing: the dream she had with us.  In her dream, she saw 4 missionaries who guided her across a bridge.  We expained to her that our life is just like her dream.  We live with Heavenly Father, then are sent to Earth to obtain a body and be tested, and then we need a bridge back to God.  We told her that the bridge was a symbolism to the Gospel and she realized suddenly that she needed to be baptized.  She committed to do all the steps necesary to be baptized and excitedly accepted the invitation to go to church the next day.  We saw her the next day in church but then lost contact with Susana for a week. 
    The next week we finally got contact and she told us that family problems had come out of no where.  We then set another baptismal date with her for the 2nd of March, which in the end she accomplished. She accepted every commandment with ease and even fasted for almost 3 days to prepare herself for the baptism.  We are sharing with her friends now, and she has lots of desires to participate in the Work of Salvation. Yesteday she shared her testimony during the testimony meeting, even before she was a member!  The Lord blessed us by giving us the privilege of teaching her.  

A little funny experience.  When Susana stopped her fast, she said that she immediately ate chocolate and it made me remember Marsh and Rach´s experience.  CHOCOLATE!

Have a good week!
Elder Weidman

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