Monday, February 24, 2014

D y C 118:3

Hey family!

   I don´t have much time to write today but I wanted to send an update about the investigators we have.  

   Susana is progressing amazingly.  She came to Church yesterday, went to a baptism of another ward, and passed her baptismal interview!  I´ll explain more about her in the next letter because her conversion story is amazing, but something really awesome is that she left this morning to stay in a place called La Laguna Verde for 3 days.  She wants to eliminate all worldly distractions and read the entire Book of Mormon in those three days.  Also she will be fasting for those three days, and wants a question answered by God (we don´t know what the question is, but she said that it won´t effect her baptism).  She will be baptized next Sunday by a ward member and has already begun bringing her friends to church.
   The Navarro Family, the familia Argentina that I talked about last week, came to church yesterday and the ward welcomed them with open arms!  The son has only one desire in the moment: go on the mission.  The parents have only one desire: baptize their daughter.  The daughter only has one desire: be baptized. And the littlest daughter has only one desire: sing I am a Child of God everytime that we pass by.  The two daughters remind me a lot of Lucy and Gracie. The older one is a little shy but a talker once the ice breaks while the younger is always making everyone laugh by her goofy comments and actions.  They will be a huge addition to the ward.

   I hope that everything is great back home!  

Elder Weidman

P. S. I tried getting a good picture of the stairs of death but I didn´t come out to well.  I´ll grab a better one later.

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