Monday, February 10, 2014

2 Nefi 2:8

Hey family!

   Valparaiso is still living up to my expectations.  It seems to get better each day.  I forgot my camera chord, but next week I´ll be sure to send a few pictures.  I tried getting the best camera shot of the area and feel that I accomplished it.  Each day is bright and sunny with a nice oceany breeze.  There are many tourists here that come from all around the world so we have had many opportunities to translate for many English speakers.  Also about twice a week we get phone calls from people asking us to give health blessings in the hospital and I love being able to always be ready to use the Priesthood worthily. We see faith put to the test as we enter the hospital and see the afflictions that come from sicknesses, but it will always be a blessing to know about the Plan of Salvation.

   Susana, the lady from last week that yelled at us and told us that she had a dream about us, has fallen from off the face of the world.  She left to go visit a sick uncle in Viña Del Mar and has not returned, but everytime we talk with her on the phone she lets us know that she is reading the Book of Mormon.  We just have to wait and continue praying for her. 

   We have a lot of future investigators that have showed a lot of potencial this past week.  This week we are going to home down on those who are willing and ready to make a covenant with the Lord.  Hopefully my email next week will be more detailed with investigators!  Due to lack of time,  this email is short but my happiness is big!

Love you all!
Elder Weidman

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