Monday, February 17, 2014

Mosiah 5:13 - Serve to know

Hey family!
   It´s been a great week and I´ll explain in the next emails, but I want to send the photos first because sometimes it takes forever to attach photos.  Here´s the first photo that has a good view of the whole area : the downtown part with the hills behind.

A view my sector from up top. There are some ships i the sea and a little above them are buildings in the distance.  That is Con Con, where I was a year ago.

Preaching the Gospel in the hills is my favorite hobby.

Last photo: A delicious, healthy breakfast to make mom proud

Those are the photos that I have in the moment.  

   In our area we have many investigators and future investigators that have a lot of potencial like I said last week, but, for the moment, the problem is contacting them which is difficult due to vacations.  Right now the summer is coming to a close here in Chile, so everyone is trying to use up that last that they have until school starts in March.  We are contacting around 20 to 30 people in the street each day, but a lot of them are from other sectors in the mission because Valparaiso is a tourist spot.  Even though our hours are spent walking the streets, we are still animated and never let the lack of lessons bring us down.  As Elder Holland says, all missionaries must experience a part of Christ´s Atonement in order to truly sacrifice themselves on the mission.  We can never stop working and must diligently put one step forward.

   We finally had contact with Susana on Friday!  She is too amazing!  She had been reading the Book of Mormon the entire time that she was out of town, and immediately said that she wanted to be baptized when we saw her.  We taught about the Restoration of Christ´s Church and also about the Word of Wisdom.  We asked her if she had a problem with this commandment and she then picked up a tea package, threw it on the ground, and said ¨not anymore!¨ On Saturday we taught her about the Plan of Salvation, and really focused on the consequences of sin and the importance of the Atonement.  Listening about Christ´s suffering immediately made Susana cry and she said that she wants to do everything possible so that He doesn´t suffer for her anymore.  Her love for the Savior radiates from her face whenever she talks about Him.  Unfortunately she couldn´t come to church yesterday but she will be baptized in March.

  One other story. Yesterday we met a family from Argentina who have been in Chile for 2 months now.  They were baptized 2 years ago, but due to problems, they inactivated six months ago. The son of 20 years has always wanted to return to the church because he wants to serve a mission.  He knows that the church is true and couldn´t stand not taking the sacrament, so on Friday he found the address of the chapel and then waited outside until a member came by.  The Bishop was the first member to pass by, and then the son told him all that had happened.  The Bishop invited him to church and the entire family came yesterday, all thanks to the son.  When we passed by yesterday, the family was incredibly happy!  I felt the impression to share this story to show how the son led his family back to the church.

Love you all!
Elder Weidman

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