Monday, October 29, 2012

2 Nephi 28:30 -- Receive the Lord and you will gain little by little

Hey family!
   Wow. Another week has already passed.  This past week went by crazy fast. Rapido Loco.  I´ve adjusted really well to the food, dogs, and people here.  The food is delicious.  Especially since I´m starving everytime I eat it.  The bread is going to be the death of me here. IT IS DELICIOUS!  I need to limit the amount of bread I eat or I will look like a different person 22 months from now.  The dogs all love me.  They leave us presents outside of our home every morning.  I love it. And the people are like family now!  They are really patient with my lack of skill in Spanish.  They always encourage me to keep trying and they usually understand what I´m ¨saying¨.  And everytime we visit a member or investigator, they always offer us some sort of food.  Usually bread and drink :)
   I had my first inter change this week!  I went to Ovalle South for a day and my companion was Elder Cordoba.  He is a native speaker and it was amazing that we could actually communicate with each other!  What an amazing day it was.  Before starting the day,  we set goals to have 2 Book of Mormons given out and 1 baptism date set by the end of the day.  Our present if we accomplished the goal would be completos, which means hot dogs in English.  We found a little park and began to proselyte the area.  The first person we talked to was a 16 year old chico who knew all about Joseph Smith and Nephi. He was super excited to have run into us because he really wanted a copy of the Book of Mormon.  He said that he had read it before and loved it but then some how lost it.  What an amazing example he was to us.  His excitement and love for the Book of Mormon was overwhelming and he wasn´t even a member!  We set up an appointment and left him a copy of the book.  The next hour and a half we placed three more copies of the Book of Mormon!  Once we ate lunch we began ¨knocking doors¨.  Here in Chile you yell ¨Allo!¨ at a door instead of knocking at it.  And there are fences around every house as well.  We had no success for probably an hour.  Then we turned down one street.  There was no one walking on the street but we felt prompted to go.  The first house we came to had its gate wide open.  This never happens!  Instead of yelling, we actually got to knock on this door.  An older man and his wife let us in and we did a brief lesson over the Restoration.  By the end of it, the man was excited to here more and he accepted to be baptized on 17th of November!  The Lord knew what street we needed to turn on.  For some reason the gate to this house was open, just beckoning us in.  It was an amazing experience.  At the end of the day, we visited one of Elder Cordoba´s investigators.  We taught about The Gospel and by the end of it, the investigator accepted the baptismal challenge.  At the end of the day we had placed 6 copies of the Book of Mormon, set 2 baptismal dates, and found 2 new investigators.  A successful day all because of the Lord.  We followed His promptings and He knew best like He always does.  What an awesome day it was.  Oh and we got to end it with some delicious hot dogs.  Those hot dogs were seriously amazing!
   One more cool experience.  I was back in my own area with Elder King and we had just been finished setting an appointment with a potential investigator.  We started walking and probably ten steps down the road, we stopped and realized we had no idea where we were going.  No sooner had we stopped when a window opened from a random house in fron of us and a man yelled out to us.  He asked if we played futbol... Slightly random question, but we answered and said that we only play one day a week.  He then told us to wait for him, ran outside to us, and started asking questions about who we were and why we could only play one day a week.  This, of course, was a perfect opportunity to talk about the Gospel.  His name was Renae and he didn´t believe in God, but he was really interested in our message.  We were prompted to ask him what his purpose on earth was and this question was what caught his attention.  He said he had thought about it, but had never known the true reason.  We told him that his purpose was to return to live with God, and that if he always remembering this, his life would improve tremendously.  We gave him a pamphlet, set an appointment, and then walked away.  Yet another experience where the promptings of the Lord led us to someone who was ready to receive the Gospel in their life.  I love it.
   I only can receive letters once a transfer here. So once every six weeks.  Don´t let this stop you from writing me though because I know all of you have a strong desire to send me a letter everyday!  But the letters need to be addressed to the mission home right now. The address should be on my blog.  I don´t know if this will change when I move areas in the future but for now this is how it must be.  Family, I also enjoy emails.  But I prefer both. Tehe. SO if you want to send me a package, say for Christmas or something, it´ll need to arrive here in Chile by December 1. And since it takes forever to attach photos, I´ll probably send photos home to Merle the Squirtle every once and a while and she can send them to the family. I´ll still attach a photo every once and while, but yeah... every once and a while. 
   I love you all and pray for you!
   Elder Weidman

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