Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Alma 5: 7-8 - "Their souls were illuminated by the light of the everlasting word."

Hey family!
The time at the MTC is flying by.  It's crazy because the district that came right before me left this weekend, which means we are the next district to leave in the zone!!  Less than three weeks.  I should get my flight plans next week so I'll let you all know when I'll be at the airport so we can talk on the phone.  That will be so weird to be in public.  Not in the MTC.  The MTC is it's own little world.  It's weird that life happens outside of the MTC. In the outside world....
I tried sending pictures last week but for some reason they wouldn't send.  Dang computers.  They only thing connecting me to the outside world is always malfunctioning. 
This week I have learned the importance of trials in my life.  In Alma 13: 28 it says "pray continually that ye may not be tempted above that which ye can bear."  The Lord will never take away all of our temptations.  That would fulfill the plan of Satan.  Even though they are hard, temptations are vital for us preparing to meet God.  The temptations we receive are difficult but not impossible.  Heavenly Father would never allow impossible temptations to occur in our lives.  The we would succumb to Satan.  Every trial we face is from God.  He challenges us with trials out of love. He allows Satan to tempt us because He knows that we have the strength to overcome our challenges.  Heavenly Father knows that there is a way to overcome every single trial we face.  He is always there to help us.  Turn to Him for guidance.  He is waiting.  He knows what you need more than you do.  We will gain joy out of our trials if we turn to the Lord.  In 2 Nephi 2, the importance of having bad in our life is explained.  Without the evil there would be no good.  There would be no happiness.  In a way, all bad that we face in life eventually turns into good.  Turns into happiness.  We just have the see how.  That`s why we have trials in out life.  To grow. We need to put forth action in order to acheive our purpose.  There would be no work needed without the good and the bad.
I would also like to talk about the people of King Lamoni in Alma 24: 10-16.  What tremendous faith they had.  Their dedication and love to the Lord was unbelievable.  They sacrificed their lives in order to stay clean.  They would not allow blood to be spilled on their sword because it would separate them from the Holy Ghost.  They wanted to have a pure testimony before the Lord.   When they were killed, they died praising the Lord.  They died as examples.  There death was the cause of many Lamanites to be converted.  I ask myself if I would be able to do this.  Would I be willing to sacrifice my life for this work? For the Lord?  How can I know if I have that much faith?  When I read about these children of God who sacrificed their lives in order to come back into His presence, it makes me strive to follow their example.  To give my life to the Lord. To become truly converted as they had.  To have the tremendous amount of faith that they had.  I need to have the characteristics described in verse 18.  The characteristics of Christ.
Obtaining a body is the reason we came to Earth.  It's very ironic though because the body can cause us to be lazy or to strong.  It is our mind that has to take control  The mind always has to win over the body. But they must work together.  The body is an instrument of the mind.  But the mind has to be over the body.  The Spirit has to control the body for good.
I hope everything is going great!  It sounds like it. Congratulations on the kill dad.  I knew you had it in you. Marsh, I am glad that you are teaching your children to play Zelda.  You will see their minds grow as they truly discover the history of Link.
I love you all!
Elder Weidman

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