Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Alma 29:2 - The pains of the world only come from sin

Hey Family!

   I´m writing on a Tuesday because yesterday was a zone conference with President Kahnlein.  His main focus for the mission right now is working with the members in order to find the chosen families who are waiting for us. Yesterday we were able to see the true revelation that President receives for the mission because immediately after the conference, we found our first family in Quillota.  It was amazing and we are very excited to find more who are in need of the truth about eternal families.  This week is the week of independence for Chile and in the past missionaries spent September 18th (the actual Independence Day of Chile) in the homes of the members for many hours.  This year, President has shared with us that he feels we need to be outside proselyting and finding more investigators.  I know that this thought and inspiration has come from on high and that if we follow the counsel and command of our President, we will see the fruit of this revelation.  We are working really hard with the missionaries in the zone so that they all are 100% obedient to what our Mission President instructs us to do.  My companion and I have set the deciding that this week we will work extra hard in order to find 15 new investigators.  15 new investigators is the standard of the mission for each week and I have never been able to accomplish it before. President Kahnlein has promised that if we find 15 new investigators every week, we will have one investigator enter the waters of baptism every week.  Both my companion and I left with more excitement and determination from the conference yesterday, and now we KNOW that we can accomplish this faith driven goal during the ¨hardest¨ week of the year for missionaries.  

  This past week we received true tender mercies from our Heavenly Father.  Nico had a few troubles in his home therefore he didn´t have approval to be baptized this past weekend but we know that it will happen in the near future.  The tender mercies all started with a 12 year old boy who wanted to know where we were from.  On Friday, Elder Sosa and I were walking down the street when this boy, Mario, ran up to us to ask us where we were from.  That RARELY happens here in Chile.  Usually the people are running away from us.  We conversed with him for a few minutes and he invited us to his house that night.  When we entered his home, we invited all that were there to listen.  He and his 14 year old friend were the only ones there, so we shared with them.  His friend, Mat, shared with us that he had been taught by missionaries years before but had never been baptized because his parents said no.  After teaching about baptism, they both accepted baptismal dates for the 29th of September.  They eagerly asked us when the meetings were and we happily invited them to the meetings for Sunday.  At this moment, Mario´s Grandma enter the home and told us that he couldn´t go to church because had to get his daily session of soccer in during the morning.  At this point, Mario nearly began to cry because he wanted to go to church so bad.  With much persuading on Mario´s part, the Grandma finally allowed him to go to church.  On Saturday, we saw both Mario and Mat many times in the day while walking in the street and they both informed us that they had invited another friend to come to church.  All three of them arrived at church Sunday morning and they loved it.  About an hour after the lunch, we passed by all they houses to pick them up for a lesson in the Chapel.  On the way to the church, Mario yelled at one of his other friend, named Rob, and he followed us as well.  By the end of that lesson, all 4 of the youngens had baptismal dates and we had set up an appointment to meet all of their families!  These experiences with the jovenes and the conference yesterday has made Elder Sosa and me extremely happy and determined to find more!

   When the Lord commands us to complete a task, He will always provide the way if we seek His guidance.

I love you all!
Elder Weidman

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