Monday, September 9, 2013

Matthew 4:19 -

Hey Family!

   Before reading my email, watch the video that I put as the subject! I ran across that video today and loved it!  The apostols left everything that they had and that they were doing in order to become fishers of men.  And they did it immediately!  I hope that we would be able to do the same.  Actually we can do the same right now by dedicating our time to becoming true disciples of Christ. 

   First I´ll start with an update with our investigators.  Nico, the young man of 15 years, will be baptized this coming Sunday.  We have met with his mom and she approves of his baptism without a single problem.  His friend Seba, who was baptized about a month and a half ago, is helping Nico prepare for his baptism.  We are all excited for this step that he will be taking and we feel blessed for the chance we have to help Nico.  

   Satan has been attacking out other investigator, Nacho.  He has had many trials with his girlfriend and we are helping him realize that all he needs to do is find guidance in the Book of Mormon and prayer and then everything will be fine.  He still has desires to be baptized but it might not happen in the near future.  We. however, are not losing the faith and will continue working with him with a lot of excitement so that he doesn´t lose the desires!

   On Friday, President Kahnlein had a Mission Leader (Zone Leaders and Sister Leaders) Conference in Viña Del Mar.  He does these meetings once every month and we look forward to receiving more revelation from our President.  This month he focused the whole conference on Honesty in the Work of Salvation.  His focus for the mission right now is the work with the members and he was able to connect that with Honesty. We were all enlightened with inspiration as we listened to the words of our Mission President, his wife, and the Assistants. 

   Last night we had a really neat lesson with an inactive who´s husband was baptized 8 months ago.  They don´t go to church because she doesn´t want to.  Last night we were able to find our the reasons why through the Spirit.  The Lord guided us and we were able to know what questions we needed so that we understood her needs and she understood our purpose as missionaries and members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  She confessed to us that she felt very distraught when she went to church because she realized how much her life wasn´t in line with the Gospel.  She had no one to turn to, except for her husband, therefore she decided that the best way to avoid those feelings was by not going to church.  We comforted her through words from the Book of Mormon and she again developed desires to go to church.  She realized that the Lord doesn´t expect us to be perfect all at one point, but He does expect us to try with all our power even when we fall.  

   I hope that everyone is doing great.  I heard that BYU destroyed UT the other day.  That´s how the Cougars roll. Making me proud to be a BYU fan from Texas. Love you all!

Elder Weidman

Here's the video in the title:

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