Monday, November 18, 2013

I forgot my agenda in the apartment...

Hey family!

   I don´t have a scripture for today because I accidentily left the agenda at home and I have shared a photo to show my embarrassment.  I don´t know if I have already sent this photo before but I´m sure you will never get old of the attractiveness that radiates. The food was delicious. 

   Our investigator, Felix, is progressing very fast.  He is the man with 70 years who prayed to the Lord one morning to find the true Church and that same evening we knocked on his door. He is 100% certain that we were an answer to his prayers and I feel very blessed to know that.  Before the mission I had always heard of stories like Felix, but never thought that I would be the Lord´s instrument in one of these stories.  Miracles will always occur with exact obedience. He´s a funny yet amazing experience we had with him.  On Friday, we stopped by Felix just to drop of the Restoration dvd (a short video about Joseph Smith and his amazing quest to find the truth).  He promised to watch it before the appointment we had the next day.Saturday arrived and he excitedly let us in.  He told us that he had watched the video two times and had loved it, and then, while speaking, he began playing the video again.  When we heard the actors speaking in English we realized that he had not understood a single word from the video because he had watched it in English! That, however, didn´t stop him from feeling the Spirit testify to him of the truth of this miraculous event.  A feeling of love for my Heavenly Father came to my heart as I realized how much He had answered Felix´s prayers. We watched the video and Spanish and he loved it even more!  Yesterday he arrived at church even though the President Elections of Chile began in the morning.  He told us that going to the true church of Jesus Christ was more important than being the first person to vote. He will be baptized on the 24th of this month (next Sunday). 

   Thank you for your prayers in my behalf.  Let us pray for those who have suffered from the recent natural disasters.  What an amazing knowledge of the Plan of Salvation we have that has been revealed by a true prophet!

Elder Weidman

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