Wednesday, November 13, 2013

John 15:16 -- I have chosen you

Hey Family!

   I hope that everything is going well.  I bet the temperatures are starting to drop but here they are doing the exact opposite.  Hotter and hotter each day but that means that I´ll be getting a nice tan soon.  Excited for Thanskgiving Break in a few weeks? 

   This week was a week full of contacting and knocking doors until the last second.  But seriously, all day long in the sun we were happily knocking doors because we literally had no progressing investigator when we started the week. After many hours of dedication and sweat, we were guided by the Lord and found a family Saturday night at 8:30. I was acually in another area on a split but my companion told me that the family was literally waiting for God to knock their door.  He invited them to church and, even though they had to cancel plans, the whole family (mom, dad, son of 9 years, and little girl) arrived at church the next morning and loved the sacrament meeting.  Another investigator that we found named Felix also was able to make it to church.  These 4 investigators are our prime focus for the month of November and we are constantly seeking the inspiration of God to help these investigators and find more.  Another awesome experience was being able to give talks in sacrament meeting with 20 minutes anticipitation (does that word even exist?). 

   I expect a good number of photos of when the family gathers together for Thanksgiving!  I can´t believe that it´s already that time of year again.  The Christmas Music started about 2 weeks ago and it pumps me about so much that I am excited to work in the heat!

Love you all!
Elder Weidman

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