Monday, November 4, 2013

D y C 61:3 -- Contact all!

Hey family!

   Sorry for the shortness of this email.  Like you know, time is limited on the internet.  We have transfers on Wednesday and we will accept what happens.  Elder Sosa and I have been together for 12 weeks now so anything can happen, but it´s not too common that a companionship is together for more than 2 changes.  We will find out where the Lord needs us to be.  This past week I had a division with an Elder I lived with for 2 changes in my first area.  Now he is going home tomorrow and I had the opportunity to do his last division.  We shared many experiences and changes we have had in our lives since Limarí but more important we worked extremely hard.  This elder had 5 days left in the mission but it seemed as if he had just began the mission due to the excitement he had for the work.  He set me a great example of how to end and continue after the mission.  He is a true servant of God who has been made into a new creature due to his obedience and complete dedication to Heavenly Father.  

   We are lacking a bit in investigators but this week will be crucial in order to have a baptism in November.  The Lord knows the desires of our hearts and we must be greatful for the results whatever they are.  I love you all!

Elder Weidman

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