Monday, October 28, 2013

D&C 130:21 -- Obedience to each commandment

Hey Family!

   Well the major event that happened this past week was the baptism of the family that we have been teaching!  As you can see in the photo that the father (Jaime), mother(Silvia), and son(Cristobal) were baptized Saturday night. The youngest (Pia) will be baptized on the first weekend of December because that is when she turns 8 years old.  The baptism was pure Spirit and I will never forget the joy that was felt there.   I baptized the dad while Elder Sosa baptized the mom and son.  Then we switched yesterday and I confirmed those that Elder Sosa baptized while he did the same to the dad.  The ward was very excited to see this family make a huge step in their life and many told us that this gave them more desires to share the Gospel with others.  I don´t have much time left, but just wanted to let you know about and see the family that has helped me realize more and more that the Lord needs me here in Quillota.  This is truly His Work and He always knows where we need to be.  This week we need to work very hard in finding new investigators who are waiting for us.  The days are getting hotter and hotter here while I imagine that where you all are it is getting colder and colder.  Have a good Halloween!  The Chileans also celebrate Halloween but not as amazing as the United States, but that´s ok because it means that more people will be available to listen to our message!  

Love you all!
Elder Weidman

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