Monday, October 7, 2013

Mosiah 28:3 - ¨Salvation...declared to every creature¨

Hey there family!

   Well I don´t know about everyone else but I´m quite sad that this weekend has come to a close.  It´s worse than when Christmas is over and you realize that another long year awaits you until you can wake up to the smell of Dad´s famous pull aparts.  Heavenly Father talked directly to me and I was able to obtain a handful of answers to my questions.  I hope it was the same for you and know that we still can receive answers due to the amazing internet that we have at our fingertips.  

   I barely have anytime to include this email.  We had a District Activity today and in order to do our usual P Day chores, we need to cut a little time out of Internet. I hope that you all have the same response that Mary had ¨Das aight. We understand, dawg¨. I´m glad that her amazing ability to make me feel good about myself hasn´t changed :)  

   Conference did miracles for our family of investigators.  Before conference, only the son wanted to be baptized.  Now all 3 members of the family who are over the age of 8 have desires to make this covenant with God.  MIRACLES!  They were able to be taught by the world´s best teachers and the Spirit testified to them of the truth in their words.  What an amazing work this is.  

   Let´s put the things we learned in conference into action by giving a reference to the missionaries this week, whether the reference be in the city where we live or in another city. I promise that the Lord will bless you all with VISIBLE blessings.

Love you all!
Elder Weidman

P-S- The photos will come next week!!

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