Tuesday, October 15, 2013

I'm not disobedient

Hey family again,

   I´m not disobedient because my companion and I received permission to spend 1 hour on internet in the night time.  I´m sure that you all are dying to know if my companion survived his deathly wound.  The truth is yes and he didn´t even have to get a shot.  We went back to the hospital for another hour of waiting and then they confessed that they had no supply of this shot.... Patience is a virtue and the Lord will bless us for the 3 and a half hours that we waited! I´m sure that someone saw us in the hospital sitting against the wall so that the tv wasn´t in our site and now they have a desire to listen to the message.  Keep the faith!

   One more thing. Nina mentioned in her life update that everyone would be together for Thanksgiving and maybe we could all tune into Google Circle to have a video chat.  I was actually thinking about that and wanted to know if everyone will be able to access internet on Christmas for the family video chat.  If not, I could ask President for permission to do my ¨family time¨ on Thanksgiving instead of Christmas, but I would only be able to do it if someone in the family isn´t able to on Christmas.  I need to know within the next week so that I can call President soon and ask. Does that make sense? If not, ask Mary.  I´m sure she understands. (If you don´t understand Mary, let me know now.) 

   The Lord is hastening His Work!  Did everyone give a reference to the missionaries this week? If you didn´t..... I´ll send Banjo to make sure you do it. 

Have a good week! Love,
Elder Weidman

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