Tuesday, June 3, 2014

D y C 43:16 - Sanctify Yourself

Hey Family!

   Remember the video chat that we had on Mother´s Day about when I go home and all that jazz?  Well after much prayer, thought, and reading of my Patriachal Blessing, I´ve decided to come home 2 weeks early so that I can prepare for the semester that comes in BYU.  My original date was to come home on the 27th but now I will be coming home in the middle of the week of the 11th - 17th.  I´m still not sure which day it will be but just wanting to give a heads up so that plans can be made and all that. The truth is that it was a hard decision and I wanted to feel 100% sure on my decision therefore I know that it is what the Lord needs me to do so that I can accomplish my true potencial.  I really had the need to stay in the mission for 2 years because I felt that my mission wouldn´t be fully complete without that but then I felt the Lord tell me that He is the One who decides whether or not the work done was sufficient.  The time spent in the field doesn´t matter nor the number of converts. What matters is the dedication and consecration that you place willingly in the Lord´s Hands.  He knows what I must do and I can truly say that this is the decision that will lead me even closer to His presence.

   Now enough about me.  Camila, our investigator who is just dying to be baptized, continues progressing quickly.  She can´t be baptized in the moment because she is living with her ex boyfriend and can´t find any rent due to all the victims who are were effected by the fire that are living in rents.  We even did a fast with her this week to find an apartment, and we continue looking with faith. The Lord will definitely provide the way because this is a meaningful step so that Camila can enter into His Church.  Within in the second of finding rent, she is going to have her baptismal interview and be baptized.  We have changes this week, and I really hope to be here in her baptism but that is my personal desire that doesn´t matter in the end.  The important thing is that she can make a life changing promise with God that will never be forgotten nor broken.

 Love you all!
Elder Weidman

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