Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Moroni 8:9-10 -- Teach to those who are accountable

Hey family!

   Really quickly I got a few seconds to write you all! Veronica got confirmed yesterday and she is one of the best converts I have in the mission! She called us this morning to let us know that she has already started her genealogy without us having to expain anything!  We have already set a goal to go to the temple on May 2015 and she is 100% concentrated on accomplishing that goal.  She said that her whole life she has had goals but never has she had such a strong desire to complete one until now.  It´s crazy to think that if we had not followed the Spirit that day in contacting her in the street, she would still be lost in the world, looking for a way out of her problems.  My companion says that she has helped him have for faith in the many contacts that we do in the street because only the Lord can guide us to those who are willing to accept the Gospel just like Veronica did.

Congratulations Lucy in your baptism!!

Elder Weidman

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