Friday, May 23, 2014

Moroni 7:48 - Pray with all heart to receive love

Hey Family!

   As you can see from the photo, Veronica was baptized yesterday and it was one of the most spiritual baptisms that I have ever been in!  Let me explain why.  Veronica arrived to Sacrament Meeting and all of the members were excited to accompany her in her baptism but then the Bishop organized a last second emergency service project in the hills which meant that almost all of the members would need to leave after sacrament and climb the hills to serve.  Only the Bishop y 5 other people could stay for the baptism.  Veronica said that she understood and didn´t feel bad for not having many people in her baptism but my companion and I still felt a bit let down because we wanted to have her baptism be full of people so that everyone would remember, but the Lord had different plans.  The baptism service then began right after the 3rd hour of church and even though a handful of people were there, the Spirit was powerfully present.  Veronica had asked me to baptize her so I had the opportunity to be in the baptismal font with her to witness the immediate change she had.  She was very nervous when walking into the water but when I took her hand in mine and rose my hand to the square, I felt her take a deep breath and just wait.  I offered the prayer and then layed her into the water. Those watching from the other side of the font said that when she came out of the water her face was glowing.  Her smile was unforgettable.  When the doors were closed, she told me that she was glad that water was dripping down her face so that people couldn´t see the tears streaming down.  It reminded me a lot of the new Bible video of Christ´s Baptism.  The feeling felt in that baptism was one that every person in the world should have the opportunity to partake of. 

 Happy Birthday to the buck hunter of the family, to the man who fights head on head with death (so other people don´t die), and to the movie spoiler of the family (when Danny saw Tangled for the first time)

A note for Lucy: You are too big and too mature.  I can´t believe that you will be baptized on Saturday!  You are setting a great example for your younger siblings.  Never forget your baptism!  

Love you all!
Elder Weidman

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