Monday, May 12, 2014

DyC: 60:2 -- Courage to Open Your Mouth

Hey family!

   Long time no talk!  That video chat last night was great just like usual and, even though Taylor, Nina, nor Danny were heard, we could see how much fun they were having and it makes me happy that they are making unforgettable memories in Thailand.  I want to share really quickly about two comments that I received last night after the phone call.  First was one from my companion who, for a short history update, is the only member in his family and his parents don´t support him too much on the mission.  He was listening to the entire call and he admitted to me after that he began crying because of the Spirit that was felt and the strong bong that he saw among our family.  He said that he is very excited to raise his own family in the Church because he knows that they will be a happy, loving family just like ours.  Also La Familia Risco, the family that you all got to meet, have been having some recent trials in their life that have caused the mom to question the Church a little bit.  She said that, even though she couldn´t understand our words, we helped her realize that her family is the most important part of her life and that she must stay in the church for her family.  She began remembering all the spiritual experiences that she has shared with her family in the Gospel and the video chat helped her solidify her shaking testimony. I´m sure that none of you had any idea about how much you were spiritually helping those who were in the house with me last night.  Even Wyatt, Sam, Gracie, and Lucy had a part in the help!
* The picture included in the email is one of the baptism of Macarena.  She is the niece of the family where I was last night.  They are all in the photo.

   A quick update on our investigators. First off is a woman named Veronica.  A few months ago we contacted her in the street.  The contact was actually very cool because we were contacting another guy when she walked past.  Both my companion and I felt the need to talk with her therefore we literally ended the conversation we were having with the man in two seconds and ran quickly to catch up to her.  She told us she had been a member of the Catholic Church, but then had stop attending due to a bad experience that left her doubting if God exists. We set up an appointment with her, which she didn´t arrive to, but then like a month later she showed up to General Conference and we had a really spiritual lesson ( I feel like I already explained about it in a past email).  Due to the fire of Valparaiso, we lost contact with her until just two weeks ago.  She now really wants to be baptized and begin on her path towards the Celestial Kingdom.  Satan has tried attacking her with many trials, but she has been able to conquer every single one through the Book of Mormon.  Tomorrow night she will have her Baptismal Interview and on Sunday she will be baptized.  A great conversion story!

  The other investigator, Carolina, who I talked about last week is progressing very well.  She has been smoking for 21 years and is in the process of overcoming the addiction.  Yesteday she went to church for the 2nd time and her testimony continues to grow.  Now the members are supporting her in the tough battle that she has with smoking.  We are going to teach about the fast this week so that she can show the Lord that her Spirit is stronger than her body.

Love you all!
Elder Weidman

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