Monday, May 5, 2014

2 Nefi 4:34 - Trust in the Lord

Hey Family!

    As you can see from the photo, Macarena was baptized yesterday by her uncle, Jesus!  She was accompanied by two other 8 year old primary girls.  I´m going to send another photo in the email that follows this of all 3 of them with the people who baptized them.  In the middle of the photo is Ignacia who asked my companion and I to teach her for the past month in order to prepare her for her baptism.  I don´t know if I have mentioned about her before but she and her little sister remind me exactly of Lucy and Gracie!  Ignacia is always laughing, sharing what she learned in school with everyone, and trying to be the best example for her sister, while the sister is in her own little world and making people laugh.  I´m sure that Lucy and Gracie have changed quite a bit in the past 2 years, but they will always be the same in my mind.  The other girl in the picture is a daughter of a member who recently returned to the church.  She along with about 40 other members have, due to the fire, felt the need to rekindle their relationship with God and return to His Church.  I have never seen such a high number of asistence in any ward on my mission!  Yesterday the Bishop said that 160 members partook of the Sacrament, a new record for the year. 

   We have another investigator name Carolina who has a baptismal date for the 18th of this month.  She works in a little office that has an open gate facing the street, and one day while passing her office, we decided to talk to her through the iron bars even though she was very concentrated in her computer.  Any normal person would have thought that that isn´t the best way to begin talking with a stranger but when the Spirit prompts us to do something, we follow the whispering without second thoughts.  As we began talking with her, she kinda looked at us pecularly (sp?) but was very interested in what we were explaining about how God has revealed what our purpose is through modern day prophets.  She accepted a Book of Mormon and we set another appointment to return.  Well she wasn´t their for the appointment and we lost contact with her for a few weeks.  Then the huge fire happened and during the same week, we contacted her while yet again passing her office.  This time she was 10X more open with us and began explaining her personal interests and beliefs.  She even admitted that she didn´t know why she was so open with us, but that she felt very comfortable talking with us.  She has a very hard past that has left her single with 2 children of 22 years and 16 years.  She has a hard time trusting in people but she realized that that shell was broken as we began teaching.  Yesterday she came to church and immediately became best friends with the woman of the Relief Society!  I will expain more in the next email about the especific details of her conversion because it is yet another amazing story that I never thought that I would be a part of. 

   We will be seeing each other next Sunday!  Mary knows everything about the video call, so just contact her at anytime to know more.  She especially loves when people call her in the middle of the night!

 Love you all!
Elder Weidman

Well my camera ran out of batteries.  The computer seems to suck the juice out of it everytime I´m here.....

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