Monday, March 11, 2013

Doctrine and Covenants 100:1 - My Family is in God's Hands

Hey Family!!

  I hope that everything went smoothy in the wedding this week! From what I´ve been told, it sounds like it went perfectly.  I never had a doubt that it wouldn´t.  

  Today I don´t have much time to write due to an activity we had this morning in Viña with the zone.  I´ll give a quick update on the area as well as on the investigators.  Here it is:

1. To answer your question mom, Con Con doesn´t mean anything.  It doesn´t mean ¨with with¨, it´s just a name of a city. I have found out that the dunes located in Con Con are really touristy.  Tons of tourists travel from all around the world just to see and slide down the Dunes.  (If I remember right, Taylor told me that he has been to the Dunes. CRAZY!!) There is a very rich neighborhood here that everyone calls ¨Cuicolandia¨.  In Chile, that means rich land.  The houses all have dogs and house maids, therefore it is really tough to proselyte there. Nonetheless, we have an investigator in that neighborhood. Con Con is about 30 minutes outside of Viña Del Mar.  Every Wednesday, for the District Meeting, we travel to the chapel in Viña, right next to the office.  That means that I get mail once a week.....

2. Yesterday 5 people went to church!! The first time that that has every happened in Con Con B.  We are beginning to see the results of our work.  When I came to Con Con B, we had 3 investigators who were not progressing.  Now, thanks to the work of Elder Rivera and me, 2 of those investigators are progressing tremendously, and we have around 10 investigators. We have been careful not to get prideful of the miracles we are seeing here.  What the Lord asks is that we continue being obedient, and He will place the chosen in front of us.  Our goal for this month is having 3 people enter the waters of baptism.  We are working are hardest in order to reach this goal.  The Lord knows all that we need to do, therefore we turn to Him.

3. The photos.
   A. Putting sunscreen on!
   B. We made a closet this week. The beginning.
   C. A great view of the ocean

Well have a good week! General Conference in around a month. Crazy!!

I love and pray for you all.

Elder Weidman

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