Monday, March 4, 2013

Doctrine & Covenants 24:8--Be patient in afflictions

Hey Family!!

   I am currently writing in my new area right now. WOO! I´m in an area called Con Con, about a 30 minute bus ride out of Viña Del Mar.  As you will see in the photos, we live very close to the ocean.  Not on the ocean because that is not allowed, but still close enough to see it everytime we are walking.  I love it! The breeze here is amazing as well. I actually have to wear a jacket at night because it the breeze brings chilly air. Let me tell you a bit about the ward here.  The boundaries cover a large amount of area so they have split the ward into two different proselyting areas : Con Con A and Con Con B.  2 active members live in B while around 100 active members live in area A.  Elder Rivera (my new companion) and I are the missionaries that cover Con Con B. Elder Rivera is from Santiago and only speaks Spanish!! Even though we have a lack of active members, we are both excited to work in our area and reactivate the less active members! We both have seen that working with the members is the best way to have success on the mission.  We know that only with the Spirit can we accomplish true success on the mission.  We both have desires to be obedient with exactness, and have faith that Heavenly Father will guide us.  We have already seen His hand in our work these past 5 days, and I want to tell a few of these experiences.  

   First experience is about a less active that we have been visiting recently.  This woman is a 50 year old single mom who´s 24 year old son has Down´s Syndrome. She told us that many times in her life, she has seen her son as a consequence of sin.  We testified to her that her son is nothing close to that.  He is like Christ, perfect in every way.  He does everything out of love.  God would not have sent her a perfect child as a consequence of sin. When we told her that, she started crying tears of understanding.  At that point her son ran over to her and gave her a huge hug.  This caused my companion and I to begin crying as well.  The Spirit was amazingly strong during that moment. We gave her a blessing of comfort, which brought even more feeling of love.  By the end of that appointment, this woman had felt of God´s love.  She felt a rare joy and happiness that only comes directly from the Spirit.  I will cherish this experience.

   The second experience was with an investigator that we have named B.  He is 14 years old and is literally addicted to video games. During the whole summer here (meaning the past few months) he has woken up at 2:30 everyday, played computer games all day, and fallen asleep at 5 in the morning.  This week we have seen a huge change in B.  He has grown a true desire to find the truth about God.  He offered his first prayer on Wednesday, and felt the Spirit for the first time during the prayer.  Once done with his prayer, B began shaking because he had never felt the Spirit before.  This feeling developed a desire to learn and grow more.  Now he is reading the chapters that we leave with him, unlike before, and this morning he woke up at 9 to play soccer with us! The Gospel truly changes lives.  It gives people a feeling of purpose.  Nothing else can provide this feeling, a feeling that all are looking for. 

  I love and pray for you all

Elder Weidman

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