Monday, March 25, 2013

D&C 50:21-22 - Understanding through the Holy Ghost

Hey Family!!

   It´s starting to get pretty chilly here during the mornings and nights.  We live in the basement of a members home, therefore it is freezing in the morning! Temptation to continue sleeping in our nice and cozy beds, but we still do our exercises everyday.  In this email, I am going to tell the day story of how B´s baptism went.  The entire day was very stressful but everything went smoothly in his baptism. Like all baptisms!    

  The night before the baptism, we passed by B so that he could try on his baptismal pants.  As the picture shows, B isn´t the skinniest person.  We soon found out that none of the pants NOR the tunicas (the dresses that women are baptized in) fit B. We began calling all around Chile to find a pair of pants that would fit.  Finally we found a pair in Valparaiso, but that meant we would have to travel around an hour and a half the next day to get the pants.  The reason that the pants were in Valpo is because an Elder, who is Tongan, was working there and his pants were the perfect size. We were planning to go the next day, but right before we went to bed, B´s mom called us and informed us that she had found pants.  Phew! The next morning, we had about a million things to do.  Get a haircut from our mamita, have a meeting with our mission leader to plan the baptism, eat lunch with a member, and fill the font. We were pretty stressed in the morning, but the amazing thing is that we offered a prayer and from then on, everything went smoothly.  Heavenly Father knew how important this baptism was for us, and I believe that He helped us get everything ready. The baptism went perfectly and we ended the day with a nice little meal. (foto)

   Two other awesome events that happened this week. 1.  I gave my first bendición de salud (I can´t remember what it´s called in English...) in Spanish.  I did it on an interchange.  My companion for the day was also from the United States and we both gave our first bendición de salud together.  Two woman were sick, I blessed on and Elder Faught blessed the other.  The Spirit was strong!
2.  Yesterday I confirmed B into the church! My first confirmation.  Elder Faught (the elder I did an interchange with) also did his first confirmation yesterday.  It was awesome calling each other and describing how the Spirit directed our mouths.  In Spanish, blessings are given in Tú form, not the normal form that we talk in.  For this, it was a big moment for us both.  The Lord knew our weaknesses and made them strong through our faith. 

   I am very excited for General Conference in two weeks! Everyone in the Viña Del Mar Stake will meet in the same building to watch it.  There will be one room for the English speaking missionaries, and I will watch Conference in there.  I love to remember that the Spirit can inspire every single one of us during Conference.  But we need to prepare before in order to receive revelation.

  I pray for you all!

Elder Weidman

**we're still having trouble uploading this photos--sorry!

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