Monday, April 1, 2013

3 Nephi 28:9 -- Christ helps us when we have the same desires as he does.

Hey family!

   This week, I don´t have much news.  It is starting to get pretty chilly here in Chile. Also, I have been told that it rains a lot here in Con Con. I´m really excited to work in the rain! 

   Yesterday for Easter, we ate with the Bishop.  He is an ex seventy and is friends with Elder Holland! It was amazing to hear about all the experiences that he has had with the Quorum of the 12, and I´m sure he only told us a small part of his experiences.  His knowledge of the Gospel is amazing.  We could have sat there for hours, listening to his testimony, but we had to go work.  The Bishop wants to have General Conference in the church in Con Con so that all the members, as well as the investigators, can go.  I will let you know next week what happens. 

   This week has been a trial for Elder Rivera and I, but at the end of it, we had more desires to work.  We have run a bit dry on investigators right now, therefore we are working extra hard on contacting.  We have had a few confirmations from the Lord that our works with see results soon.  I don´t know when, but that doesn´t matter to me.  Everything happens on the timetable of the Lord.  Our duty is to understand why things happen to us at certain times so that we can grow from each experience.  The Lord sends us trials and difficulties so that we can feel his love.  So that we can grow and prepare to return to him.  I have grown a strong testimony of this on my mission.  I have also come to know that the Lord is always with us.  He will never abandon us.  It is impossible for Him to do that.  He has us face problems so that we can humble ourselves before Him and let Him change us.  Humility is the key to overcoming trials.  It opens the door to countless blessings.  Turn to the Lord and He will help you through.  Always.

   Sorry for the short email.  Next week will be longer!

   I love and pray for you all!

Elder Weidman

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